Access™ Powerlift is one of the most popular in the Athlegen powerlift range. It features a unique top shape designed to allow excellent client access while providing the generous table width necessary for client security and comfort. This is a highly customiseable table with a number of widths and cushioning systems available. Check out our complete range of Powerlift tables including the Access and Access Eco-Lift. ...+

A quality imported table that is made to our design and specifications. Great for students who would like a very light portable table at a great price. A quality imported table that is made to our design and specifications. Great for students who would like a very light portable table at a great price. A quality imported table that is made to our design and specifications. ...+

The Athlegen gas lift stool is a combination of polished aluminium, chrome and a luxuriously cushioned double stitched upholstery. Simply adjust the height by operating the easy access adjustment ring. The perfect addition to any office or treatment room. Cushioning has been adjusted and refined over years and will provide excellent comfort and support during long periods of seated work. ...+

Athlegen Hydro 2 massage oil-250ml Athlegen’s new Hydro 2 Oil range has been developed to meet the highest expectations of therapists. Fully water dispersible the range will not stain towels, clothing or equipment, and washes easily from therapists hands without stripping away natural oils. Made in Australia. Cushioning has been adjusted and refined over years and will provide excellent comfort and support during long periods of seated work. ...+

Designed in Finland by Salli the world's best manufacturer of saddle seats. Simple and sturdy design featuring a world patented divided saddle seat; the most comfortable saddle seat in the world. The Sway model features active seating. A special rubber fitting enables 360 degree pelvic movement. As your centre of weight changes with natural movement, it exercises the muscles in the lower back improving tone and strength; reducing back pain and sitting fatigue. ...+

Which treatment table best suits you?

Massage and Natural Therapists

The ultimate treatment tables for you and your clients. Work in comfort around a table specifically designed to reduce back strain and allow easy access to your patient as they relax on a table with a whisper quiet motor and luxury cushioning, enhancing their experience and enjoyment of your treatment. VIEW RANGE


Find the ideal table for your practice, choose from a range of products with optional features and functions or create a custom table suited to your unique specifications. Not only is each table a stylish centrepiece for your treatment space, you can also enjoy enhancements such as smooth magnetic drop functionality, a fast, quiet German motor and superior ‘Ultra Firm’ adjustment foam from Dunlop Australia, designed by Athlegen. VIEW RANGE

Spa and Beauty

At last, a table versatile enough for the extensive suite of treatments you offer, equally suited to massage and beauty treatments, performed on a beautifully designed table, which is a showpiece in itself. The perfect combination of style and functionality, providing comfort for your clients and ease of use for your staff, effortlessly supporting the high volumes of clientele visiting your salon. VIEW RANGE

Alternative Health

Make your choice from a range of versatile tables suitable for a huge variety of applications, add your own enhancements or simply enjoy the superior functionality of our standard models. We have created specific tables for Bowen Technique, Feldendrais and acupuncture, just to name a few, so don’t hesitate to explore our ability to innovate and customise according to your unique requirements. Choose or design at table that works for you. VIEW RANGE


Athlegen offers you the ultra practical yet completely comfortable Australian alternative. Endorsed by the Australian Osteopathic Association, it features a specifically designed cushioning system, which is the most comfortable on the market and still perfectly suited for manipulations and adjustments. A quiet, fast motor allows for seamless adjustment of height, providing easy access to the table for even the least agile of clients. VIEW RANGE

Medical and Allied Health

Enjoy working with beautiful consulting chairs, examination tables and treatment tables purpose built for your needs, meticulously engineered and manufactured in Australia, to exceptional standards. We have the capacity to supply bulk orders for hospitals, consulting rooms or schools and our comprehensive Australia-wide, in house service enables you to choose the perfect product for your needs. Our experts can suggest alterations and enhancements, which can be manufactured to your specific requirements. VIEW RANGE

Athlegen Official Supplier

Once again Athlegen has been selected to supply the Australian Olympic team with treatment tables ...+


Galt Finance has been providing leasing services to Athlegen customers for over 20 years ...+

“I have found that the level of fatigue I normally experience during long working hours has decreased dramatically as a result of the excellent access around the massage table, together with the very useable height adjustment, and from being able to sit down comfortably for a significant proportion of the treatment time.”

~ Warren Kinder

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CAA National Development Conference Athlegen prize winners

Guy Princi - Thursday, October 23, 2014

Athlegen's Apollo 5 Chiropractic couch and a Salli saddle seat were featured on the CAA endorsed products stand at this years CAA National Development Conference held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. 

The Athlegen Apollo 5 ™ Chiropractic table is the only table tested and endorsed by the CAA. It has stood the test of time, and has been endorsed by the CAA for more than 10 years.  »

Athlegen Selected to Supply Treatment Tables for the Australian Olympic Games Team in Sochi.

Guy Princi - Monday, August 25, 2014

Athlegen Selected to Supply the Australian Olympic Games Team for the Sochi Games in Russia. »

Athlegen Win Telstra Business Award: Win Business Gold in China

Guy Princi - Monday, August 25, 2014

Athlegen Wins Gold »



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