"I would just like to say thank you for a fabulous quality product. My Athlegen Access Lift table has been used for a dozen treatments daily in a busy clinic for 16 years and is still going strong. Flawless operation, quality vinyl, stitching completely intact, the only part I've replaced is the face cradle pad. Will definitely purchase from Athlegen again"
Julia Terrigal Bodyworks, 2017 Access Pro-Lift

"I just wanted to thank you for your your assistance in choosing the right therapy table for my son. The table is perfect and I am really happy with the quality, material and colour. Your company made the whole process incredibly simple and efficient and delivered on time".
Carolyn Austin, 2016, Treatment Pro-Lift

"I would firstly like to thank you for organising our previous order last year. The tables are great and we have not had a single issue.
Incline Health would like to place another order."
James Gullotta, Director, Incline Health 2015, Osteo XL Pro-Lift 

"For the past 5 years I have been travelling and working as a Mobile Chiropractor in Africa. With me I had my trusty Aussie made Athlegen portable table.
I had a specialised roof rack made for my Hilux and water proof carry case and with me it went. Through dry dusty Namibia, through rain drenched Zambia and through the Safari parks of the Serengetti and Masai Mara. If it got abit dusty, I would just wipe it off. If it got a bit wet, I would dry it out and for all those five magnificient years it never let me down.
It enabled me to work in the most remote parts of Africa. From my campsite, to my beachside bungalow, from rural villages to orphanges. I loved that table and I’m proud to say that when I had to leave it behind, I quickly went back to Athlegen and bought a new one.
Thanks for all the support Athlegen, literally."
Nick Tsoupis, Chiropractor, 2015

"I have had an Athlegen Access table since 1996, it has been a fantastic table and gets a huge amount of work as I usually see 30 patients a week plus it is used on other days by other practitioners. Over the 14 years I have re-covered the vinyl once about two years ago and replaced the motor about one year ago and it is like a new table. When I needed to replace the motor Athlegen was very helpful and able to supply this, which has turned out to be an upgrade, as the motor is faster than the last and has more professional looking foot pedals.

In terms of functionality, it is easy to work on, the curved shape means it is easy to stretch the patient when required and it is defiantly the most comfortable table in the whole clinic for the patient.

I love my table and I am very happy that I chose the Athlegen Access table all those years ago. I have definitely got my money’s worth and I have no intention of changing tables".

Catherine Tiney (Massage Therapist & Owner/Manager Sydney Essential Health). 2010

“I personally have two Athlegen massage tables in my massage therapy practice. My travels with the Australian Team (since 1989) has taken me to many competitions all over the world and I am always keen to check out the massage tables from other countries. From my observations, I believe that Athlegen tables whilst not cheap massage tables, are the best in the business.”

Nick Massaro, Massage therapist for the Queensland Swimming team at Olympic trials 2000.

The more I study and see the Athlegen-products, the more I love them.

I have the Athlegen Access massage table in my practice since 3 years and worked with one for 2 years before that - nothing compares to it ... If you ever need somebody in Perth to promote or sell them , I would be more than happy to do so…!

Gitta Wright

“Just a note to give you some feedback on the massage table. Without a doubt, it is the finest massage table I have ever used (and I have used MANY during 20 years in practice). I have used some costing up to 4 times as much with lots of bells and whistles but this one is great for both patients and myself. I have found nothing but favourable comments from patients, especially with regard to face comfort whilst prone. I have found that the level of fatigue I normally experience during long working hours has decreased dramatically as a result of the excellent access around the massage table, together with the very useable height adjustment, and from being able to sit down comfortably for a significant proportion of the treatment time.”

Warren Kinder, Naturopath/Acupuncturist Mudgee Natural Health Centre

“The VIS has used Athlegen massage tables for the last 6 years in the provision of specialist sports medicine services to athletes from a wide range of sports. The massage tables have been successfully used both in a clinical setting and an ‘on field’ setting within Australia and Internationally”

“Key features of the Athlegen massage tables are exemplary quality, versatility of patient positioning, rapid speed of electric height adjustment, sure footed, robust, comfortable, patient-safe construction and excellent practitioner functionality.”

Rob Granter, Coordinator Massage therapy services Victorian Institute of Sport.

“Just a note to let you know that the adjusting chiropractic tables are performing admirably, being both easy to use and comfortable for patients.”

Gary Coleman, Chiropractor - Coleman Chiropractic

“I purchased an Electric Massage therapy table from you last year and I have been so impressed that I feel that I should write and tell you. As a massage therapist, it is great for my back that I can adjust the height at any given time for different areas of the body that I am working on. Also, the raising mid-section has been most beneficial for me to access clients lower backs, not to mention the comfort zone of clients who come in with lower back complaints, as this feature takes the pressure off. My clients have often commented on how comfortable the massage therapy table is.

Thank you again.”

Wendy Rumble, Remedial Massage Therapist.

“We have purchased four specialised scanning treatment tables from Athlegen. During the past few months of use, we have been extremely satisfied with this product with all of our initial specifications met or exceeded. The quality of the construction and finished presentation of the treatment tables is far superior to any we have seen. To date the company has also offered excellent backup support.”

Leon Cottle, Senior Sonographer Ballarat Health Services

I have been working in the Spa Industry for 15 years, beginning as a therapist, trainer and now Spa Manager of Operations at Spa Botanica. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with many massage equipment suppliers and brands, whether it be for products, equipment, marketing etc. And as far as treatment and massage beds go, I haven’t found any that come close to the standard of Athlegen. The Athlegen beds are a fantastic product. They are versatile, strong, adapt to the massage therapist and guest needs, practical and extremely comfortable. I have found them to be the most suitable bed to have in a spa.

It is a product I am extremely happy to have in Spa Botanica.

Louise Bunting, Spa Manager of operations Spa Botanica - Singapore

“We purchased the Athlegen Treatment Table for day surgery, examinations and general treatments and procedures. This has been very beneficial to the clinic. Patients can now safely and easily approach the treatment table. This is particularly helpful with the elderly, the physically impaired and even children. The electric lift height adjustment is also beneficial for the medical practitioners and nurses. The height of the table can be quickly and easily adjusted to suitable, safe and comfortable working height for the individual. This has also reduced the risk of back strain and made for a safer work environment”.

Dr. R Dunn, General Practitioner Blackburn Clinic.

"We have been using the Athlegen examination tables at our Ballarat & Buninyong Medical centres for several years now with great success. They are especially great for our elderly clients & those with disabilities, who would have difficulties climbing up onto our old non-adjustable examination tables. The electric height adjustment function makes it much easier to assess the client and at the same time, address occupational health and safety issues of staff, who no longer need to bend over clients in their day to day work."

Lisa Wisely, Practice Nurse Manager of Ballarat Medical Centre.

Athlegen Official Supplier

Once again Athlegen has been selected to supply the Australian Olympic team with treatment tables ...+


Galt Finance has been providing leasing services to Athlegen customers for over 20 years ...+

“I love my table and I am very happy that I chose the Athlegen Access table all those years ago. I have definitely got my money’s worth and I have no intention of changing tables.”

~ Catherine Tiney (Massage Therapist & Owner/Manager Sydney Essential Health). 2010

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Treatment Table Safety with new Free Safety Poster Download

Guy Princi - Friday, October 07, 2016


Castors and why they wear out

Guy Princi - Wednesday, July 13, 2016
The rubber compound castors used by Athlegen are custom manufactured to our specifications. Athlegen castors feature steel bearings (not plastic), and we do not use inferior small diameter, plastic stool castors. We use 75mm wheel diameter castors - if all other specifications are equal larger diameter castors last longer.
Rubber compound (TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomers) is a mix of polymers, usually a plastic and a rubber. The new compound has the advantages of both the rubber and plastic materials used. For castors this is typically cushioning, from the rubber component, and hardness/durability, from the plastic component.
Rubber compound wheel treads are chosen over the longer lasting nylon wheel treads because they cause less impact on most floor surfaces due to their natural cushioning properties. They are also generally quieter in their operation. Nylon castors can mark and dent wooden floorboards and vinyl floor surfaces.
Over time, as the rubber component of TPE ages, it dries out and hardens. No product is available to condition or prevent this characteristic of rubber. Once rubber hardens it can become brittle and start to spilt, (known as stress cracking or crazing). If this happens the castors will need to be replaced.

Factors that cause your castors to wear out
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals used to disinfect and clean some floor surfaces.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight will prematurely dry and harden the rubber component.
  • Exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • If the table is positioned on gritty, uncleaned hard surfaces, such as tiles or vinyl flooring.
  • Leaving the table in the exact same position over long periods of time can cause “flat spotting”. Flat spotting is where the tread fails to spring-back to its original shape, the result is a permanent distortion of the wheels shape.
  • Trying to move the table with the castor lock in place.
  • Any one of the above will result in the premature hardening of the rubber tread which will then lead to the tread crumbling and falling apart.
How to care for your castors
  • We recommend that you only clean your castors with a damp cloth.
  • Stubborn stains can be removed with a soft natural bristle brush.
  • Do not lubricate with oil, if necessary use a heavy bodied good quality bearing grease.

Standard Operating Procedures for Treatment Tables

Guy Princi - Monday, February 15, 2016


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