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Athlegen is totally focused on providing first class structured proactive maintenance and repairs on all products made or supplied by us. Our products are largely capital equipment and can be difficult and expensive to maintain unless they have been regularly serviced to at least minimum basic standards. If a product has not been properly maintained it can result in a gradual deterioration of the item and reduced performance, which could be viewed as poor quality by the user.

A proactive maintenance strategy is designed to extend the useful life of the equipment, reduce the likelihood of any downtime, and satisfy any regulatory requirements.

Our commitment to continual improvement in designing and manufacturing world class equipment that lasts and performs flawlessly means that any broken or worn out parts are always replaced with the latest generation of parts available for your model - improving reliability and performance.

As a specialist treatment table designer and manufacturer we know our products better than anyone and keep a good supply of spare parts in Australia. If we do not have the parts required in stock we can usually quickly manufacture the parts for your repair. Many maintenance companies service almost any product, this can lead to a lack of focus, higher repair costs and their reactive approach can extend the time the product is out of service. Often they will need multiple visits, one to identify the issue and another after they have sourced the parts required for the repair.

Our approach means that in over 95% of cases only one scheduled service visit is required, thus reducing costs. In the few areas that we do not service with our own employees, we have a network of repair experts who can carry out the work on our behalf, but by far the majority of service and maintenance issues are attended by our own staff throughout Australia.

A thorough but simple and cost effective and controlled preventative maintenance program will ensure that your Athlegen product will perform to the highest user expectations and save you money in the long run.

We are able to offer very competitive and thorough servicing packages with written reports which will satisfy regulatory requirements. Currently we have many clinics and educational institutions that have contracted us to perform an annual service and inspection. Call us today to get a quote.

Our service vision is to make your life easier, reduce your stress, and lift your capacity to heal.

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“We purchased the Athlegen Treatment Table for day surgery, examinations and general treatments and procedures. This has been very beneficial to the clinic. Patients can now safely and easily approach the treatment table. This is particularly helpful with the elderly, the physically impaired and even children.”

~ Dr. R. Dunn

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Guy Princi - Friday, October 07, 2016


Castors and why they wear out

Guy Princi - Wednesday, July 13, 2016
The rubber compound castors used by Athlegen are custom manufactured to our specifications. Athlegen castors feature steel bearings (not plastic), and we do not use inferior small diameter, plastic stool castors. We use 75mm wheel diameter castors - if all other specifications are equal larger diameter castors last longer.
Rubber compound (TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomers) is a mix of polymers, usually a plastic and a rubber. The new compound has the advantages of both the rubber and plastic materials used. For castors this is typically cushioning, from the rubber component, and hardness/durability, from the plastic component.
Rubber compound wheel treads are chosen over the longer lasting nylon wheel treads because they cause less impact on most floor surfaces due to their natural cushioning properties. They are also generally quieter in their operation. Nylon castors can mark and dent wooden floorboards and vinyl floor surfaces.
Over time, as the rubber component of TPE ages, it dries out and hardens. No product is available to condition or prevent this characteristic of rubber. Once rubber hardens it can become brittle and start to spilt, (known as stress cracking or crazing). If this happens the castors will need to be replaced.

Factors that cause your castors to wear out
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals used to disinfect and clean some floor surfaces.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight will prematurely dry and harden the rubber component.
  • Exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • If the table is positioned on gritty, uncleaned hard surfaces, such as tiles or vinyl flooring.
  • Leaving the table in the exact same position over long periods of time can cause “flat spotting”. Flat spotting is where the tread fails to spring-back to its original shape, the result is a permanent distortion of the wheels shape.
  • Trying to move the table with the castor lock in place.
  • Any one of the above will result in the premature hardening of the rubber tread which will then lead to the tread crumbling and falling apart.
How to care for your castors
  • We recommend that you only clean your castors with a damp cloth.
  • Stubborn stains can be removed with a soft natural bristle brush.
  • Do not lubricate with oil, if necessary use a heavy bodied good quality bearing grease.

Standard Operating Procedures for Treatment Tables

Guy Princi - Monday, February 15, 2016


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