We are Alevo

Why we are here…

When we design our treatment tables, there is always one person at the forefront of our minds, you, the clinician. We start by asking the simple questions – what can we do to make a clinician’s life easier and at the same time improve the patient experience? Our aim is to reduce stress and lift your capacity to heal.
This means we use human centered design to develop unique knowledge of the way clinicians deliver treatments and translate those insights into designing and manufacturing treatment tables that both elevate the performance of the clinician and enhance the patient journey.

Where we have come from…

We have been passionate about enhancing the work of the clinician since 1986, when our founders saw an unmet need in treatment tables and started to design and manufacture treatment tables in a garage in Ballarat. They embarked on a design and manufacturing journey that is still going strong.
Things have changed a lot since then, we no longer work in a garage but in a new purpose-built factory, we have acquired a new name in Alevo, we continue to design and manufacture in Australia, and we are still 100% Australian-owned.

Where we are now…

We now manufacture and market treatment tables domestically and internationally, and have three well recognized brands – Athlegen, Centurion Tables and Forme Medical, we are now a much larger company, but it is comforting to know the core of our business remains the same…

We continue to place you at the heart of our business, we listen and respond to your needs with modern, elegant, agile, and easy to use treatment tables made in Australia, that are renowned worldwide for their longevity, quality and perfomance.
Without the work you do, there would be no Alevo.

International recognition.

Athlegen is an internationally recognised brand that is known intrinsically for the quality and after sales service of our products. Athlegen has proudly supplied treatment tables to the Australian Olympic Team (in London, Beijing, Athens, Sydney, Sochi etc), and many other national and local sporting organisations. With a reputation for quality and comfort.

Athlegen tables have also been selected for some of the world’s most luxurious spa locations and have been exported to more than 40 countries, from coastal resorts in Broome, to 7-star hotels in Dubai.

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Supporting local communities.

Our design-led business features a Design Centre in Melbourne, a highly automated manufacturing facility in Ballarat, the largest treatment table showroom in the Southern Hemisphere in Sydney, together with a warehouse and showroom in Fremantle WA. Athlegen is currently in the process of designing and building a new factory in Ballarat to facilitate growth within Australia and in export markets.

Our treatment table range also includes Centurion quality yet affordable imported products. Centurion products are designed in Australia by Athlegen and meet Athlegen’s strict quality controls and standards. Centurion treatment tables are also supported by our industry-leading, in-house quick response service team.

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