Athlegen Win Telstra Business Award: Win Business Gold in China

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Athlegen Wins Gold
Athlegen was one of 12 winners of the Win Business Gold in China competition run by Telstra prior to the Beijing Olympics, which aimed to help small Australian businesses build export contacts and provide an opportunity for companies to take part in China’s booming economy.

Athlegen CEO Stephen Falkiner said he was thrilled to be chosen to go to China. “All our products really are a labour of love from start to finish,” he said. “It will provides extra credibility and strength to our brand – and it’s all still manufactured here in Ballarat (Victoria).”

Winners of the competition were selected based on their long-term strategic planning abilities and their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

With so many tables being now being manufactured overseas you just can’t be sure of the quality or the on-going support you will receive, but with Athlegen tables you know when a table leaves our factory it will stand the test of time and supported by our own staff throughout its very long life!

Athlegen – Worth it!