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Who is Alevo?

We are Alevo

Why we are here…
When we design our treatment tables, there is always one person at the forefront of our minds, you, the clinician. We start by asking the simple questions – what can we do to make a clinician’s life easier and at the same time improve the patient experience? Our aim is to reduce stress and lift your capacity to heal.

This means we will use human centered design to develop unique knowledge of the way clinicians deliver treatments and translate those insights we gain into designing and manufacturing treatment tables that both elevate the performance of the clinician and enhance the patient journey.

Where have we come from…
We have been passionate about enhancing the work of the clinician since 1986, when our founders saw an unmet need in treatment tables and started to design and manufacture tables in a garage. They embarked on a design and manufacturing journey that is still going strong.

What we are good at….
Now 35 years later, we continue to design and manufacture in Ballarat. We manufacture and market treatment tables domestically and internationally, have a large staff team throughout Australia and have three well recognised brands – Athlegen, Centurion Tables and Forme Medical, but the core of our business remains the same…

We continue to place you at the heart of our business, we listen and respond to your needs with modern, elegant, agile, and easy to use treatment tables made in Australia, that are renowned worldwide for their longevity. Without the work you do, there would be no Alevo.

Athlegen, Centurion and Forme Medical are brands of Alevo Pty Ltd.

Athlegen Accessories: What accessories are commonly available for massage tables?

Fitted Covers:

Apart from massage oil the most common accessory is a fitted cover or sheet. These are generally manufactured from cotton, terry towelling or flannel, and have elastic sides together with a cut out for the face hole. They help protect the surface of the table from body oils and excess massage oil. A fitted cover portrays a professional image and makes a massage table appear inviting and appealing. It is also neater in appearance, doesn’t slip like loose towels do, and also reduces the number of towels that are needed. The fitted cover also provides friction for the towel on top so it does not slip when the patient turns over. High quality fitted covers are made from bath robe quality pure cotton (ultra absorbent), they are double overlocked stitched, and have a draped section which extends into the inside of the table face hole to protect it from contamination by massage or body oils.

Used correctly the fitted cover would be used with two full-size towels plus a small towel or cushion for the face hole or (face cradle). One towel would be used full length under the mid-section of the patient, another for covering the parts of the patients body not being massaged, and the small towel folded in around the face hole to make it more comfortable and to absorb body oils and perspiration. In recent years a very well designed face hole cushion (see prone pillow below), has been introduced and this has largely obviated the need for a rolled or folded towel for the face hole.

Face Cradles:

Face cradles are designed to improve comfort and add usable length to a table, however they also add weight and complexity. One of the disadvantages of a portable table is that the face hole, no matter how well it is designed, can become uncomfortable if the patient is lying in the prone position for a long period of time. Face cradles attempt to overcome this problem and improve access to the head and neck area. They can vary considerably, from a simple extension horseshoe at the end of the table, to a more complicated device that can move in a number of planes. The better quality ones are generally lighter, easier to adjust and a little more expensive. They are usually installed at the end of the table opposite the face hole, and can be retrofitted to most tables if required.

Prone Pillows:

A cheaper alternative to the face cradle, which is gaining in popularity, is the prone pillow. This is a very simple and light towelling covered foam support that fits under the head and upper thoracic area over the face hole. By raising the sternum and minimizing forehead lift, it provides a high degree of comfort when used in conjunction with the normal face hole. It is simple, inexpensive, and light to carry (it will store inside the folded table). It will dramatically improve the comfort of any table no matter what the size or shape of the face hole. For hygiene reasons they are supplied with washable towelling covers and/or disposable covers.

Face hole Plugs: Face hole plugs are a padded in-fill which fits into the face hole recess to provide a flatter surface for the patient to lie on in the supine position, or for added versatility, used in conjunction with a face cradle at the opposite end of the table. They also provide additional support when a pillow is being used, but are somewhat redundant when a separate headpiece is in use, because headpieces have their own in-fill plug for the face hole. They are designed in such a way that they can’t slip through the face hole.

Patient Bolsters:

Patient bolsters are vinyl covered pieces of foam, generally either circular or half-moon shaped, that are fitted under the patients knees in the supine position, or under the instep in the prone position. They help to make the patient more comfortable, and to relax the muscles and tendons (particularly the hamstrings), in the adjoining limbs. A pillow can be used for the same purpose however it is likely to be soiled by massage and body oils. There are also rectangular bolsters (head blocks), used to support the head and provide better access to the cervical area. Some practitioners also like to use triangular bolsters for certain techniques (particularly chiropractors).

Carry Bags:

Carry bags protect your investment and assist you in transporting your table. Protective covers for massage tables come in a number of forms. These range from a simple cardboard carton to protect the table during transportation or delivery from the manufacturer, to more elaborate padded bags made from vinyl or nylon, with or without carrying shoulder straps. The main consideration is the degree of protection required, and the added weight of the protective cover (if you plan to carry the table around yourself with the protective cover on it). Good carry bags usually have additional pockets built in to the side of the bag for carrying oils and accessories (e.g. fitted sheets), and use high quality fittings. Quality differences between carrying bags are usually fairly obvious when they are compared side by side. Obviously a higher degree of protection is required if a transport company or airline is moving the table around, rather than in the situation where the only person handling the table is the practitioner who owns it. In the latter case probably all that is required is a lightweight, sealable bag, that protects the vinyl of the table from accidental scuffing or nicking. As a general rule protective covers that incorporate a shoulder strap are much easier to use than those that only use the handle of the table itself, (or separate carrying handles). This is particularly true for the shorter stature practitioner.


These come in such a large range of types, sizes and qualities that a separate booklet could be written on this topic alone. Oils also vary considerably in price depending on the raw materials used in their manufacture. The most expensive are the cold-pressed vegetable oils combined with essential aromatherapy essences and also higher quality water soluble oils. At the other end of the scale are the straight mineral oils, however these can also vary in price depending on the way they are made. Reputable manufacturers list all the ingredients in their oils and will give advice on their suitability for specific applications. There are also oils for super sensitive skins, and oils without any added aromas, essences or flavourings. Although many practitioners avoid using mineral oils it is true to say that the better quality mineral oils are often superior to poorer quality vegetable oils. Another factor to consider is shelf life. Vegetable oils without preservatives or those that have been extracted using heat, can go rancid fairly quickly after opening. A suggestion is to try small quantities of a number of different types of oil until you find one that has the right combination of qualities for you. Consider viscosity, aroma, availability, shelf life and price. Last, but not least, don’t forget to be aware of the ease with which the oil is removed from your patient after the massage, and the ease of washing the oil out of your linen. Cold pressed vegetable oils and water soluble oils tend to be the highest quality, and easiest to work with. There are many reliable suppliers of massage oils (including many of the table manufacturers), however many practitioners like to add an extra personal touch by making up their own oil mixture, with their own combination of essential oil additives.

Athlegen Pro-Lift: How does a Pro-Lift tables height adjustment speed compare?

Athlegen Pro-lift Actuators

When you are comparing electric power driven treatment tables an important factor is the drive system, i.e. the actuator that lifts the table, or as commonly referred to as the table motor.

There are different types, speed and lifting capacities, qualities and of course countries of origin.

Athlegen Pro-lift Motor Benefits

(1) We use a larger more powerful actuator 10,000n, compared with 6000n actuators used on most competing products. Almost twice as powerful.

(2) Our actuators are AC not DC.
While both A.C. and D.C. motors serve the same function of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, they are powered, constructed and controlled differently. The most basic difference is the power source. A.C. motors are powered by alternating current (A.C.) typically the power grid 240 Volts, while D.C. motors are powered from direct current (D.C.), such D.C. power supplies or an AC-to-DC power converter.

The major benefit of an AC motor over DC motors is its lifting speed.

(3) An A.C. motor’s speed is constant regardless of the weight on the table.
An Athlegen Pro-Lift motor’s height adjustment speed is the same with or without a patient on the table; whereas the more weight that is on a table driven by a DC motor the slower it lifts.

(4) Speed Comparison with a patient weighing 150KG
Athlegen Pro-lift (Hanning AC motor):  12mm per second, i.e. a height adjustment of 48.1cm in just 13 seconds
Competitor (Linak DC motor):  37mm per second, i.e. or a height adjustment of 48.1cm in 40 seconds

Waste less time waiting for table movements, most DC motors on competing products are painfully slow and this can interrupt the treatment flow.

An Athlegen Pro-lift table provides you with fast, super responsive table height adjustments; allowing you to be more efficient – To do more in less time.

Athlegen Pro-Lift: What are the difference between Athlegen's Podiatry range?

The Pro-Lift Podiatry Range

Athlegen's range of Podiatry Chairs
Every Chiro Model features Dunlop Ultra Firm Adjustment Foam – designed for Chiropractic work.

(1) Treatment 930 – Basic Model

  • An entry-level Podiatry Chair.
  • Three section chair.
  • 90-degree leg section drop.
  • All table sections are the same width.
  • An affordable Podiatry chair also suitable for any multi-modality practice

(2) Podiatry

  • A premium Podiatry chair.
  • 90-degree leg section drop.
  • Armrest included.
  • Motorised Seat Tilt.
  • Manually operated Backrest.
  • An ideal table for Podiatry treatments.

(3) Venus

  • A premium Podiatry Chair.
  • Motorised backrest and seat tilt.
  • Built-in head-cradle with prone armrest.
  • 60-degree leg section drop.
  • Optional deluxe upholstered armrests.
  • Optional Extendable Footrest.
  • An ideal table for Podiatry treatments also very versatile and suitable for any multi-modality practice.
Athlegen Pro-Lift: What are the differences between Athlegen's seated treatment range?

The Pro-Lift Seated Treatment Range

A Treatment model to suit every medical or first-aid treatment room or any multi-modality practice
A Treatment model to suit every medical or first-aid treatment room or any multi-modality practice

(1) Treatment ABR

  • Two section treatment table with generous leg room when seated.
  • 680mm lift-up back; total table top length 1860mm.
  • Choice of face-hole in the backrest or main body.
  • An ideal table for examinations, beauty treatments such as waxing.

(2) Treatment 680

  • A versatile three section table with generous leg room when seated.
  • 680mm backrest; total table top length 1860mm.
  • A longer seat section than the 930 model making it better suited for treatments that require extra leg room such as examinations, waxing, or physiotherapy.
  • Optional Face-Hole in the Head-Section for more comfortable prone treatments such as massage.
  • An ideal table for physiotherapy, beauty treatments, massage, examinations or any multi modality practice.

(3) Treatment 930

  • A versatile three section table.
  • 930mm backrest; total table top length 1860mm.
  • A shorter seat section than 680 model suits modalities where patients are treated in a chair position such as podiatry.
  • Optional Face-Hole in the Head-Section for more comfortable prone treatments such as massage.
  • An ideal table for massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, beauty treatments, examinations, podiatry or any multi-modality practice.
Athlegen Pro-Lift: What are the main differences between Athlegen Osteo models?

The Pro-Lift Osteo Range

Every Osteo Model features Dunlop Firm Adjustment Foam - designed for Osteopathic work.
Every Osteo Model features Dunlop Firm Adjustment Foam – designed for Osteopathic work.

(1) Osteo Basic Model

  • Our entry Osteo model.
  • Total table top length of 1865mm
  • All table sections are the same width.
  • An ideal table for Osteopathy, Sports and Remedial Massage.

(2) Osteo XL Model

  • A premium Osteopathic model with a total table top length of 1865mm.
  • The narrower Head Section improves practitioner access.
  • The narrower Head Section allows patients easy access to the Armrest.
  • The Armrest allows patients to fully relax.
  • An ideal table for Osteopathy, Sports and Remedial Massage.

(3) Osteo MKII Model

  • Our premium Osteopathic model with a table top length of 1760mm
  • Includes a Footrest that can be extended by up to 200mm providing a table top of over two metres in length.
  • The Footrest is also height adjustable – for greater patient positioning flexibility.
  • The narrower Head Section improves practitioner access.
  • The narrower Head Section allows patients easy access to the Armrest.
  • The Armrest allows patients to fully relax.
  • An Ideal table for Osteopathy, Sports and Remedial Massage treatments.
Athlegen Pro-Lift: What are the main differences between Athlegen's Beauty range?

The Pro-lift Beauty Range of Models

Our most popular Beauty ranges are the Beauty S and Venus ranges.
Our most popular Beauty ranges are the Beauty S and Venus ranges. All are available in three versions Bronze, Silver and Gold

(2) The Beauty S Range

  • Features a gas assisted Lift-Up backrest
  • Features a gas assisted Raising Knee Section
  • Optional removable Head-Cradle and sturdy fold away Armrest for prone treatments such as massage
  • An Ideal table for spa and beauty; laser; injectables and day surgery; remedial and relaxation massage.

(3) The Venus Range

  • A premium spa, beauty and bodywork table
  • Features a motorised Lift-Up backrest and seat tilt
  • A sturdy built in Head-Cradle and Armrest
  • A premium table for spa and beauty; laser; injectables and day surgery; remedial and relaxation massage.
Athlegen Pro-Lift: What is the difference between the Access Standard, ABR and RMS models?

The Pro-lift Access Range

Our most popular Beauty ranges are the Beauty S and Venus ranges.
The Access range is available in three models; Standard, Raising Mid-Section (RMS) and Adjustable Backrest (ABR)

(1) The Access Standard

  • Our entry model and features a contoured top and an adjustable head-cradle with a prone armrest.
  • An ideal table for sports, remedial or relaxation massage.

(2) The Access RMS

  • Features a motorised raising mid-section and all the Standard model features.
  • A premium table for bodywork treatments including physiotherapy, sports, remedial or relaxation massage.

(3) The Access ABR

  • Features a manually adjustable backrest and all the Standard model features.
  • An ideal table for beauty treatments or physiotherapy especially if sports, remedial or relaxation massage treatments are also performed.
Athlegen Pro-Lift: What is the difference between the Chiro models?

The Pro-Lift Chiro Range

Every Chiro Model features Dunlop Ultra Firm Adjustment Foam - designed for Chiropractic work.
Every Chiro Model features Dunlop Ultra Firm Adjustment Foam – designed for Chiropractic work.

(1) Chiro Basic Model

  • Our entry Chiro model.
  • Extendable footrest.
  • Paper roll holder and cutter.
  • All table sections are the same width.
  • An ideal table for Chiropractic treatments.

(2) Apollo 5

  • A premium Chiropractic model.
  • Extendable footrest.
  • Paper roll holder and cutter.
  • All table sections are the same width.
  • An ideal table for Chiropractic treatments.

(3) Apollo Advantage

  • Our premium Chiropractic model.
  • Extendable Footrest.
  • Height Adjustable Footrest – for greater patient positioning flexibility.
  • Paper roll holder and cutter.
  • Contoured table top design.
  • Standard with Magnetic Thoracic and Lumbar drop sections.
  • An ideal table for Chiropractic treatments.
Company Info: What are your production capabilities?

Production Capabilities

Full production capabilities provide Athlegen with the ability to manufacture, to continually create, improve and develop innovative products which benefit practitioners and clients. Athlegen production processes are at the cutting edge of technology, our computer controlled equipment guarantees precision and a consistently high quality product delivered to our customers.

Capacity To Meet Additional Demand
The modern Athlegen production facility in Ballarat has the potential to greatly increase output as demand increases. Athlegen has the ability to manufacture very large and unexpected orders. Complete design and engineering capabilities allow Athlegen to satisfy requests for special purpose products that suit our customers’ particular requirements. Over the years Athlegen has more than tripled the size of its production facilities and has the capacity for further expansion at the existing location.

Continuous Improvement
As part of Athlegen’s commitment to quality and innovation, there is a designated Continuous Improvement Facilitator and Continuous Improvement Committee who meet weekly to discuss the company’s products with critical review on a product by product rotational basis. This process allows products to continually improve or sometimes be reinvented. We have no hesitation in saying that we almost certainly spend more on Research and Development than all other competitors in Australia combined. We plan to keep it this way!

Environmental Considerations
All components used by Athlegen are purchased with the environment in mind. All packaging for portable tables are designed to be re-useable. Packing boxes are made of recycled paper. Electric tables are delivered in an unpacked state or in a protective crating made from plantation pine cut offs. We use CFC free foams because we care about the environment and you and your patient’s health.

All Athlegen’s activities comply with Australian environmental laws, principles and commitments. As part of Athlegen’s commitment to its staff, customers and the environment, it will continue to source and where possible use environmentally friendly materials.

Company Info: Why Buy Athlegen Australian Made?

Athlegen Est. 1987

(1) Australian Designer and Manufacturer.
Athlegen is an Australian specialist designer and manufacturer of superior treatment tables for massage, alternative health, beauty therapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, physiotherapy and medical professionals.

Designed by our engineers and market tested, Athlegen Prolift power driven tables are proprietary registered designs, manufactured in our factory in Ballarat, using our in-house tooling and state of the art robotic welding equipment.

(2) 15-year Structural Warranty
Cheap tables don’t last, they get noisy, flex, and can be difficult to work with – our Prolift range tables all have frames guaranteed for 15 years and in practice will last a lifetime. Secure and built to last even in the busiest practices.Athlegen tables will not need to be replaced in a few years time.

(3) In house-Research and Development
Athlegen has its own Research and Development Department committed to ongoing product development, and it uses extensive consultation with practitioners, therapists and professional associations to refine products and determine industry needs.

A continuous improvement manufacturing program ensures that Athlegen products are built to perform flawlessly; the differences are obvious when you compare Athlegen tables side by side with competing products.

(4) Customize to suit your specific requirements
We offer an unrivalled choice – from a comprehensive selection of standard products or let us customize a table to suit your requirements.

Company Info: Why do so many professionals choose Athlegen?

Prolift power driven tables, proven performers

(1) Heavy duty table sections.

  • Secure and built to last even in the busiest practices.

(2) An auto-lock mechanism on all manually adjustable table sections:

  • Excellent support and rigidity.
  • Control lever automatically locks the table section in place upon release.

(3) Control Lever

  • Stainless steel control lever with a comfortable and easy to use grip.

(4) Electric height adjustment by a commercial grade actuator.

  • Made in Germany.
  • Powerful 10,000 n AC motor with no loss of power or speed under load.
  • Fast height adjustment resulting in less time wasted during treatments.
  • Quiet, reliable and vibration free.
  • Stainless steel, pneumatic, low profile footswitch. Made in Germany.

(5) Table base.

  • Base allows plenty of clearance from the side, handy if working seated around the table.

(6) The standard adjustment base;

  • Includes concealed in-line wheels for manoeuvrability and floor levelling feet perfect for robust treatments such as chiropractic, osteopathic and remedial or sports massage.

(7) The optional castor base.

  • Choose this option when a table needs to be frequently repositioned, and easy manoeuvrability is required.
  • High-quality locking castors, with steel bearings and rubber tread to protect your floors from damage.

(8) Detachable power cord.

  • Easy and inexpensive to replace if damaged because the power cord is not hard-wired into the table frame.

(9) Pivot lift design – a proven performer

  • Pivot lift design that is well proven over 20 years and more than 30,000 treatment tables.
  • Plastic bushes ensure a smooth and silent operation.
  • Low maintenance.

(10) Superior frame fabrication.

  • Fabricated in our Ballarat factory.
  • Pro-lift tables are built to quality, not a price.
  • Thicker steel profiles for a stronger and rigid structure.
  • Laser cut components are robot welded for absolute precision and quality.
  • Durable powder coated rust-resistant frame.
Company Info: Why is Athlegen the market leader?

Six reasons Why Athlegen Is The Market Leader.

As a discerning customer, you need to know you’re buying the best, both for yourself and your clientele. Find out here why Athlegen has the resources, skills and knowledge to design and produce the exact treatment table or chair you require.

Your ideal table might be part of our standard range of carefully engineered, purpose-built products, or it might be one we’ve created after consulting with you. In any case, you will not be disappointed with the end result, it’s quality, how it looks, feels and operates. Here’s why:

REASON 1: You are choosing the best, a product you can depend on.

Each table is 100% Australian, manufactured using Australian steel, produced in our Ballarat plant, and designed by experts with 30 years experience in creating treatment and consultation tables for an enormous range of clients.

Whether custom built or one of our range of standard models each is a stylish, comfortable and functional piece of equipment you will happily rely on for years.

We provide superior service and products, which will enhance your business and the treatments you offer your clients.

REASON 2: Used and requested by the best.

Athlegen have supplied the Australia’s Olympic team with treatment tables for more than 25 years.

Athlegen is chosen again and again by professionals and elite sporting bodies for our consistently superior products, custom capabilities and exceptional customer service.

Our tables are endorsed by numerous professional associations. We are proud to support our Olympic Team and eager to share with you the same quality of service for your business, school or practice.

REASON 3: Our tables add up to more than the sum of their parts.

Barely audible motors allow for undisturbed height adjustments and easy access for less mobile clientele

Laser cut precision components mean no squeaking, catching or misalignment of moving parts.

Robotic welding makes for a treatment table capable of standing up to the heftiest of customers, time and time again.

Each element has been chosen, refined, tested, re-tested and proven over 30 years of commercial use, to provide you with the ultimate product for your practice.

REASON 4: Each Athlegen table represents extraordinary value for money.

Every table is a design showpiece, exhibiting beauty, functionality and carefully calibrated ergonomics.

Made to last, constructed from only the finest materials, some created to be versatile, whilst others to precisely suit their specific purpose.

Our Pro-Lift tables are hardy and long lasting – and supported by a fifteen-year structural warranty.

The tables are designed to look great and provide customer comfort and flawless operation regardless of age or frequency of use.

We also offer a number of different payment options for your investment.

REASON 5: As a practitioner, you will enjoy using your Athlegen treatment table or chair every day.

The quality and luxury of the finishes and cushioning mean your table looks great and makes a statement while still being 100% up to the job.

Work around it with ease, knowing it’s strong enough for the most active of manipulations or adjustments, keeping your health and that of your team a priority along with the comfort of your clients.

REASON 6: You’re dealing with a seasoned and experienced company.

Not here today, gone tomorrow, equally capable of providing one customised table for a specialised client or a bulk order for a school or multiple practice rooms.

We will consult with you on design specifics, make suggestions on enhancements, and add our considerable experience to your decision making process, allowing you to make an informed and educated choice you won’t regret.

This is the exact opposite of being forced to choose an off the shelf imported product where you have no contact with the manufacturer. Secure and built to last even in the busiest practices.

Delivery Info: I would like to order a table from outside of Australia. Do I have to pay import duties?

Please note: Import duties, taxes and charges aren’t included in the item price or postage cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your county’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying. Please also check with your country’s customs office to determine any requirements you need to meet so that the goods are able to clear through customs.

Delivery Info: What is included in my delivery (Electric tables)?

Summary Of Delivery Information

(1) Standard Delivery Service

  • The table is delivered to the kerbside of your building.
  • We recommend that you arrange a minimum of two persons to assist as the packed table will weigh over 100kg.
  • Packaging materials are not removed as part of this delivery service.

(2) Premium Delivery Service

  • We will deliver your table, unbox, position the table in your treatment room and remove all the packaging materials.
  • A suitable and convenient delivery time for both parties will be arranged prior to delivery.
  • This service is only available at selected Australian locations. For more details, or for a quotation, please contact Athlegen or your local distributor.

(3) Dispatch

  • Our dispatch department will contact you on the day of dispatch with all the information that you will need to track your order: the freight company contact details and the consignment note number.
  • Athlegen will request that the transport company ring you before delivery.
  • Pro-lift electric tables: Made to order item please allow 2 to 3 weeks manufacturing lead-time (correct as of May 2017). Please contact us if you require this product urgently as we do stock some models that may suit your requirements.

(4) Pickups

  • Yes, you may elect to choose your own freight company to collect from our factory in Ballarat Victoria, or any of our showrooms, subject to location of available stock.
  • Please note if you wish for the stock to be transferred between any of our showrooms or factory/workshop locations so that you can arrange your own pickup or courier, freight charges between our premises may apply.

(5) Assembly

  • Our tables require no assembly – they are shipped ready to use; simply plug in the footswitch and the power cord and you are ready to go.

(6) Insurance

  • All products are insured for loss or damage during transit.
  • For more information including international orders please see our full Trading Terms and ConditionsHeavy duty table sections.
Product Comparison: What are advantages and disadvantages of stationary tables compared to portable tables?

As stated in the previous answers, portable tables can accommodate almost all bodywork requirements. Nevertheless, stationary tables are generally even stronger and much more rigid, i.e. less prone to flexing. Non-portable tables other than electrically operated models normally have safe-working loads at least double those of the equivalent portable model. Stationary tables do not have to make as many compromises in their design parameters as portable tables and are therefore inherently superior in function, and usually more expensive.

The use of a portable table in a full-time clinic situation where the table will be in constant use will mean regular servicing to keep it in a reliable and safe working condition.

Stationary tables, made by reputable manufacturers require very little servicing if any, and are built to last many years with minimum maintenance other than cleaning. In the long run these factors make a stationary table a cost effective choice in a full-time practice.

Stationary tables also lend an aura of permanence and professionalism to any practice. This is the reason that heavy use applications, such as sporting clubs and massage clinics are best served by stationary tables. In the end unless the need for portability or to fold away after use is paramount, a stationary table will always be a better solution. The fact that portable tables dominate sales of massage tables is, to a large extent, a reflection of this perceived need for portability by trainee or newly qualified practitioners, together with considerations of cost and the availability of the space to leave a stationary table permanently in position.

Product Info: What causes Vinyl cracking and how can I avoid this?

PVC vinyl is by nature a stiff product that is made soft and pliable by the addition of plasticisers. These plasticisers can migrate out of the vinyl due to a number of factors. If the vinyl does not have sufficient UV inhibitors, then the harsh Australian sunlight can rapidly dry out the plasticisers and cause the vinyl to crack. Quality vinyls are specially designed to cope with the Australian climate and many of them are actually used in the manufacture of boat cushions. Even so, it is best not to leave any table exposed to prolonged sunlight such as on the back seat of a car on a hot day.

The other main factor causing vinyl to crack is lack of attention to cleaning the table after use. Body oils, perspiration, and massage oil residues will all draw the plasticisers out of the vinyl if they are allowed to dry on it. The damage may be imperceptible at first, but with time the vinyl will be irreparably damaged. There are also certain chemicals and solvents that damage vinyl, however if you follow the vinyl manufacturers care instructions you are unlikely to have a problem.

The answer to cracked vinyl is to firstly ensure that you purchase a quality table that is manufactured with vinyl suited to Australia’s climate, and secondly to ensure that the vinyl is cleaned properly and regularly. The simple cleaning instruction is to use a pH neutral cleaning product such as the yellow laundry soaps, e.g. Sunlight, Velvet or Preservene (or the specially designed treatment table cleaning solutions that are pH neutral). The table should be thoroughly washed down with warm soapy water, paying particular attention to the face hole where oils and perspiration tend to build up, rinsed off, and then towelled dry. Water does not damage vinyl in any way. Stubborn stains can be removed with a soft bristle brush. Alternatively there are some completely neutral, natural vinyl cleaners that can be used. Check with the table or vinyl manufacturer for details on removing specific stains. Insist on getting vinyl maintenance instructions at the time you purchase your table. Reputable table manufacturers will give you this information as part of their service, without having to be asked! A high quality fully fitted towelling cover (particularly the type with the in-built draped section to protect the face hole), is an essential element in extending the life of the vinyl on your table.

Remember the vinyl is normally the only part of the table not covered by the table manufacturer’s warranty, so it pays to look after it. Clean it regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions and never use your table for any modality without the protection of a quality towelling cover (or at least thick bath towels that fully cover the table). Don’t assume that because you work in a modality where no massage oil is used (e.g. medical practitioner, reiki, chiropractic or shiatsu, etc.) that your table does not require regular cleaning or the use of a cover. Human body oils, perspiration, etc. are still deposited on the table, and will eventually cause vinyl degradation if the table is not protected and cleaned regularly.

Product Info: What is the safe working load of Athlegen and Centurion portable tables?

Most well made portable tables can carry an extremely high static load, usually in excess of 500 kilograms. Despite this inherent strength, portable tables are less rigid and subject to more flex than stationary (non-portable) tables. For this reason most portable tables have a recommended safe working load of approximately 150 to 200 kilograms. Very few humans weigh anything like this, and for most purposes a portable table will be more than adequate. If your work requires you to have all or part of your own body weight on the table, as well as your patient remember not to exceed the maximum safe working load, and take particular care with your movements.

Portable tables are not really recommended for treatments involving patient and practitioner on the one table. Stationary tables are far more suited to this purpose. The following tips will help extend the life of your portable table.

Portable tables perform best when the weight load is evenly distributed. Do not concentrate weight on a small area, avoid using the table as a seat, and do not use on a soft surface, or a surface that is not level, such as sand or turf.

On most portables, the plywood base can flex. Do not apply body weight on a small area e.g. a patient getting on or off your table with all their body weight on a knee or elbow because you risk over flexing the ply and cracking it. This is not a manufacturing fault and not covered under warranty.

Very heavy large patients are often not very agile, and have little room left on the table to support them when they need to turn over. This concentrates a lot of weight on the side of the table. It helps to steady the table when you need to turn them over. If they are of short stature, use a step to assist them to get on and off the table.

Ensure the table is set up correctly before anyone gets on the table.

Service the table to keep it in good working condition.

Do not allow your table to be used by anyone who has not received instructions in its safe use and care.

No matter how you look at a portable table, in the end, its design is a compromise, based on solving the conflicting problems of strength, portability, lightness, price and functionality.

Score: How do Score Saddle seats work?

What is Active Seating?

Active seating is when a chair allows or encourages users to move. It is also commonly referred to as dynamic sitting, the concept is that flexibility and movement while sitting can be beneficial to the human body.

In the field of ergonomics, the concept of active sitting is gaining recognition, particularly among people whose work involves prolonged sitting.

Active vs. Static Sitting

Active or dynamic sitting is the opposite of static sitting.

Static sitting occurs when a chair is rigid and results in sustained mechanical tissue loading. Static seating is widely thought to contribute to negative health effects.

The human body is not well adapted for long hours spent sitting in a restrictive or constrained posture.

The negative effects of static sitting

  • The abdominal muscles may relax and even atrophy over prolonged periods of minimal physical activity.
  • Prolonged postural loading of the spine while sitting, without natural movement and mobilization of the spinal joints, can reduce joint lubrication and increase stiffness, which can be detrimental to back health.
  • Circulation, particularly of the legs, can be adversely affected. In fact, back pain and circulation discomfort are part of a growing avalanche of complaints which can be attributed in part to extensive static sitting.
  • Sustained static postures at a computer can strain the upper back and neck muscles and when combined with stress factors, contribute to muscle tension and resulting pain.

The majority of chairs and stools commercially available today still tend to limit postural movement, however, innovative products such as Score Balance models allow a more dynamic posture that follows and conforms to the movements and physical shape of the seated occupant. This dynamic sitting enhances functional movement and helps to prevents the physical discomfort and potential bodily damage due to prolonged static sitting.

Score: Should I order a backrest for my Score saddle seat?

Correct Lumbar Support Is Achieved With Or Without A Backrest Support

faq backrest

You do not need a backrest to get the benefits of a saddle seat. However, leaning into a backrest can be helpful to control the seat as you move around your workspace. The backrest can also be used as a stretch support i.e. handy to occasionally lean into and stretch when sitting for long periods.

Once you have set the saddle seat to the correct height – so that your spine is in a natural “S” curve – simply adjust the backrest so that it fits snug into your spines natural lumbar curve. This is very different to a backrest support on a traditional office chair where generally your spine is in a “C” curve and the lumbar support is used to force the spine into the more natural “S” curve.

Score: What are the differences between the Score Amazone and Jumper models?

Choose Between Two Seat Types

faq score seat sizes

Score’s saddle chairs are available in two models.

Amazone Models

Narrow seat (340mm wide).

Although this is a matter of personal preference generally speaking many women tend to prefer the Amazone model with its narrow seat and a narrower front section which allows you to sit with your knees closer together.

Jumper Models

Wider seat 440mm wide.

Choose a Jumper model if you prefer a larger seat surface.

As a rough guide we recommend the following based on the clothing sizes listed below;

  • Note: A dress size of 14 or pants size of 34 equates to an approximate hip circumference of 104 cm.

Selection Guide

Amazone Jumper Sit with knees closer together Larger seat size
Women (dress size) 14 or less 14 or more Amazone Jumper
Men (pants size) 34 or less 34 or more Amazone Jumper
Score: What are the main differences between the Score Tilt and Balance mechanisms?

Choice Of Two Seat Mechanisms

faq score choice of 2 seat mechanisms

(1) Tilt Model.

  • The tilt models feature a front to back seat angle adjustment setting.
  • The infinite tilt adjustment enables you to select the most comfortable seat angle to suit you.
  • It is important on saddle seat to have this tilt adjustment to relieve any pressure from the raised front section of the seat.

(2) Balance Model.

  • Balance models feature “active seating”. A unique multi-directional tilting mechanism that is adjustable to your preferred level of movement.
  • Unlike traditional saddle seats; the Score Balance mechanism stimulates the muscles in the lower back improving muscle tone and strength; reducing back pain and sitting fatigue. Because the seat is not fixed and moves with your natural movement it feels immediately comfortable to sit on.
Score: What height should I order my Score saddle seat in?

Choose From Three Saddle Heights?

faq different height chairs

The optimum sitting position on a saddle chair is when a 110 to 135-degree angle is created between the thighs and the upper body. This will automatically position your spine in a natural healthy “S” curve. To achieve the optimum spine curvature you will require the right saddle seat for your physical height. Simply follow the guide above to select the correct chair height.

Score: Why should I buy a Score saddle Seat?

Best Saddle Seats In The World

(1) Comfort

  • Score – made in Holland – saddle seats are immediately comfortable from the first time you sit on it – no extended time needed to break the chair in or to get used to the chair.

(2) Wheels

  • High-quality soft wheels to protect floor surfaces.
  • Friction lock castors to prevent injury when getting on and off the chair.

(3) Base

  • Strong aluminium cast base.
  • High-quality chrome finish.

(4) Quality

  • Score only uses durable materials and quality chair mechanisms.

(5) Export

  • Score exports its products all over the world and is constantly receiving valuable international feedback to be used in its research and development. only uses durable materials and quality chair mechanisms.
Servicing: What can you tell me about service and servicing, tables?

Well-made portable massage tables require very little regular maintenance other than the regular cleaning detailed in the previous answer. Manufacturers who care for their products will provide “care cards”, or other simple maintenance instructions, which will assist you in properly maintaining your table. Some manufacturers go so far as to provide free service (at their premises) for the life of the warranty.

Service only becomes an issue when you need it. Obviously it is much more convenient to be able to drop your table in to the manufacturer’s premises and have it serviced on the spot while you wait, than to have to pack your table up, and send it a long way to be serviced. Apart from the cost, which may or may not be covered under warranty, there is the inconvenience of having to do without your table for a length of time. Unfortunately, it is often not until you have a problem that you find out what the real attitude of the manufacturer is towards service. It is likely that the longer established better-known manufacturers have got to that position by providing good service. Check around. You will normally find that the quality manufacturers are well known for their good service, and their positive attitude is reflected in all their business dealings. Trust your instincts, but also carefully check the warranty to see what is included and what is not. Be wary of generalisations that are bandied about without giving specific details.

Do not do unauthorised repairs or modifications as this could void your warranty. What may seem a simple modification or addition may have unforeseen adverse effects on other important components. Always check with the manufacturer before any attempt at modifications is made.

Warranty Info: How important is the tables guarantee and what should I look for?

The longer established the manufacturer, the more likely they will be around to honour any guarantee. When looking at a guarantee, check how long it lasts and what it actually covers. Most table warranties cover material and workmanship but exclude fair wear and tear, and accidental damage. Most warranties also specifically exclude the vinyl – which is normally covered by a separate vinyl manufacturer’s warranty. You should also check if the cost of packing, shipping, and return shipping from the manufacturer’s factory is covered, particularly if the manufacturer is some distance from you. Massage tables are large bulky items and they can be very expensive to transport, particularly on a one-off basis. You should also ask the normal turn around time if your table does need service.