How to Treat the Quadratus Lumborum with Stuart Hinds

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Words by Stuart Hinds:

“In this video, the key take-home is the ability to use the Athlegen Pro-Lift Access RMS Gold to its full potential. In this video, we showcase how the raising mid-section feature of the Access RMS can be used to treat one of the most important lower back pain culprits the Quadratus Lumborum (QL).

The side-lying approach to treating the QL is the gold standard for two main reasons:

1. The raising mid-section (RMS) feature allows you to easily access the QL. This would normally be very difficult to access in a prone position. The RMS also allows you to access a different range of movement in lateral flexion of the trunk, which allows you to engage the superficial fibres but also the deeper ones.

2. My pet hate is seeing therapists use their thumbs to access the QL. Using your thumbs to treat the QL will, over the course of a few years, ruin your thumbs and hands. The raising mid-section allows you to open access to the QL in a side-lying position between the iliac crest and the ilium without breaking your thumbs, and as demonstrated in this video also allows you to utilise your forearm, rather than your thumb, during this treatment. This is a more therapeutic, broad approach which the muscle responds better too. This method also protects your hands and thumbs and results in a comfortable treatment for the client.


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