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“Love Centurion tables. Nice, thick and comfortable support. Great quality coverings. Table is light and sturdy.”

Gail Laux

Centurion Genesis Compact

The Centurion Genesis Compact is a premium portable designed in Australia by Athlegen. Our unique Genesis shape improves access to the client and puts less strain on your body.

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Disposable Hygiene Fitted Cradle Covers 50 Pcs
Professional barrier sheets featuring plastic on one side and soft tissue paper on the other. Designed to be used over a face cradle pad but can also be used over a face hole. Pack of 50, white, 500mm x 340mm.
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Purifas FaceShield - Pack of 100
Made from a hydrophobic spunbound polypropylene, the FaceShield is resistant to spit, cough particles and make-up whilst the patented internal skirt design gives full protection from all contact surfaces of the therapy table. The Faceshield products are suitable for all Athlegen, Azima and Centurion face holes and face cradle pads.
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Centurion Bolster - Blue Grey, Galaxy Plus PU
Upholstered in the same Galaxy Plus PU in Blue-Grey Colour as the table. Can be placed under the patient’s knees in the supine position or under the instep in the prone position to make the patient more comfortable by relaxing leg muscles and tendons, particularly the hamstrings.
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