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White Terry Towelling – All Treatment Tables – no face hole (1860mm)

The White Terry Towelling – All Treatment Tables – no face hole (1860mm) is a premium Australian made Terry towelling cover with fitted elastic, and adjustable velcro straps to ensure you can achieve the perfect fit for a slip free treatment. All Athlegen Terry Towelling covers are 100% Cotton.

The White Terry Towelling – All Treatment Tables – no face hole (1860mm) is suitable for all treatment tables with a consistent width between 610 and 740mm in width and 1800mm to 1940mm in length that do not feature a face hole.

This product is manufactured to order. The current lead time for Athlegen Jersey and Terry Towelling Covers is 1-2 weeks.
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Purifas FaceShield - Pack of 100
Made from a hydrophobic spunbound polypropylene, the FaceShield is resistant to spit, cough particles and make-up whilst the patented internal skirt design gives full protection from all contact surfaces of the therapy table. The Faceshield products are suitable for all Athlegen, Azima and Centurion face holes and face cradle pads.
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Tao Cushion with 2 x Navy 100% Cotton Jersey Covers
Protect your portable table and provide a slip-free surface for top layers. The fitted sheet is elasticized and includes crossover straps to hold the cover firmly in place. For added table protection it also has a draped face-hole recess. Our fitted covers are 100% cotton jersey and are available in navy blue and white. Made in Australia by Athlegen.
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