Azima Portable Massage Tables. Whether you specialise in Remedial, Sports or Relaxation massage, KaHuna, Lomi-Lomi, Feldenkrais, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Reiki or Sports Medicine, Azima has a portable table to suit the work you do. Choose from ready to ship "Buy Now" tables or our Custom Build range where you can select from a huge choice of table options. Azima has been designing and manufacturing Australian made Professional Portable Massage and Treatment Tables for over 30 years. Azima’s portable tables are built to the highest exacting standards of materials and workmanship, as demanded by both our professional clients and home users alike. All of our tables embody the ultimate in lightweight strength and stability, with both high dynamic and static load ratings. Featuring the world's most advanced support structures that provide ease of setup, seated access, unmatched strength, rigidity and total silence during treatments. Athlegen, Azima and Centurion are divisions of Alevo.
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    • Huna Magica Custom Build

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      Custom build the table of choice for many Lomi Lomi and KaHuna therapists.

      Azima has been designing and manufacturing hand-crafted portable tables in Australia for over 30 years.

      The Huna Magica is a premium lightweight portable built to withstand the rigours and dynamic movements unique to Lomi Lomi and Kahuna treatments.

      The superior triangulation struts are designed for noise free treatments and unparalleled support on table surfaces as high as 90cm - even under extreme load and years of professional use.

      The sturdy design helps to optimise your performance while achieving maximum comfort and support for your clients.

      These are just a few reasons why leading Huna teachers use and recommend the Huna Magica.

      This product is manufactured to order. Once you add this product to your shopping cart you will be able to view the current manufacturing lead-time.

      Customer feedback
      “Our school has been using and distributing Azima custom built tables and branded tables since 2002. Athlegen have a diverse range of massage tables suitable for various professionals. I have always found these tables to be long lasting, well built and customer service has always exceeded beyond expectation. I would thoroughly recommend an Athlegen massage table to any therapist looking for a professional, reliable table with excellent warranty terms and customer service.” Vicki Marshall,

      "… have purchased two Azima Huna massage tables and have used both tables extensively for Huna and Swedish massage. At all times both tables have proved able to stand up to the 400 to 500 massages per year, plus various teaching courses over the same period. "I find the quality of the upholstery fabrics used on the tables is the best I have ever used." Kay Prendergast, Hands in Healing, Collie, Western Australia.

      Key Features

      • Height and angle adjustable Head Cradle included. 
      • No Face Hole
      • High table height range up to 90cm.
      • 720mm wide working surface.
      • Ultra-comfortable, oil resistant and easy to clean PU fabric.
      • Only weighs 12.5kg
      • Unrivalled in its quiet performance even with rigorous lateral loading.
      • Superbly comfortable Australian made foam.
      • Lightweight with superior strength.
      • Small incremental height settings.
      • Aluminium triangulation power strut system
      • Twin cable system for extra security. 
      • Hardwood frame construction with rounded corners.
      • Australian Structural 4mm Hoop Pine Plywood base. 
      • Designed and made in Australia.

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