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    • Head Cradle: Size 13/175

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      The Head Cradle adjusts in height and angle and securely locks in place. Suits any size client.

      Ensure your clients are comfortable during their therapeutic treatment. Offer your patients the choice of using the table face hole recess or a head cradle. Using a Head Cradle will enable clients to relax on a soft and comfortable pad while lying on their stomach (prone).

      Can also be used to extend table length for taller patients. 


      PLEASE NOTE! This product is currently out of stock. Our Estimated dispatch date for all orders of this item is 01/02/2020.

      • Size: 13 mm diameter rods that are set 175mm apart measured from hole centre to hole centre (13/175)
      • Suitable for: Discontinued Centurion and Athlegen portable tables made before 2008: Professional 660, Professional 710, Sports table series, Genesis, and Super Lite Weight portables.
      • Also suitable for all Athlegen electric tables made before 2008 including Beauty Lift, Genesis Lift, Professional Lift, and various treatment table models.
      • Moulded plastic top.
      • 13mm diameter aluminium rods.
      • Height and angle adjustment all set by one lever.
      • New locking system designed to be maintenance free - no need for routine tightening.
      • Safe Working Load of 19 kg.
      • WARNING: Do apply excessive pressure or use the armrest to push against when getting off a table.
      • 12 Month warranty.
      • Head Cradle (Mechanism Only) - face pad sold separately.

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