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  • Athlegen Genesis Compact Package - On Sale

    Athlegen Genesis Compact Package - On Sale
    Athlegen Genesis Compact Package - On SaleAthlegen Genesis Compact Package - On SaleAthlegen Genesis Compact Package - On Sale
    Athlegen Genesis Compact Package - On SaleAthlegen Genesis Compact Package - On SaleAthlegen Genesis Compact Package - On Sale
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    On Sale. Save $143. Warehouse clearance to make way for new stock arriving
    Athlegen Genesis Compact Package deal includes.

    • Genesis Compact portable massage table
    • Face cradle mechanism, adjustable in angle and height. 
    • Face cradle pad
    • Prone armrest sling
    • Transit bag, with pocket and shoulder and side straps

    Why buy an Athlegen Genesis Compact portable?

    Designed and engineered in Australia by Athlegen, Genesis Compact portables employ twin cables and our patented triangulation power strut design. Strong, silent, stable, with minimum table flex; this superior design provides unparalleled support suitable for student and professional use in most modalities.

    • Our unique Genesis top shape (design registered) allows improved accessibility to your client. This puts less strain on practitioners body during treatments.
    • Rounded table ends also allow clients easy and comfortable access to the armrest sling - no table corners impeding access as in rectangular shaped tables.  
    • Simple portable design that is safe, easy and fast to set up and fold away. No need to press any noisy locking buttons, and almost impossible to set up incorrectly unlike some competing brands. 
    • Great height range: The small increment adjustments ensure that you will be able to set to a table height that will be perfect for you. 
    • Superior fabrication and QA to our strict quality standards that we have developed using over 25 years of manufacturing experience. 
    • 5 year structural warranty - We stand by every product we sell with the best warranty in the industry; and provide servicing by our own caring employees. 
    • Standard inclusions are a luxurious cushioning system and a professional quality head cradle with a suspended armrest sling. 
    • Athlegen Superior Design Employs Triangulation: A triangle is one of the strongest structural forms known to man and is used extensively in the construction industry to reinforce and support weight. 
    Why Athlegen?
    • Quality assured - every unit QC tested
    • Providing practitioners with the best massage equipment available in the world.

    Anatomy of a Genesis Compact portable. 

    Take a closer look at why Genesis Compact portables by Athlegen are the preferred choice for many professionals both in Australia and internationally. 

    Why choose Athlegen?

    (1) Superior frame fabrication.

    • Fabricated to our strict QC requirements.
    • Hardwood frame construction with re-enforced corners.
    • High level of testing and QC with superior fabricating processes ensure high structural integrity and consistent repeatability of the final product.
    • Designed in Australia by Athlegen.

    (2) Portability

    • Safe, fast, easy to set up and fold away design without any of the fuss or noise of locking buttons.

    (3) Height range

    • Great height range with small increment adjustments to ensure you will be able to set to a table height that will be perfect for you.

    (4) New D shaped telescopic aluminium leg

    •  D shape leg profile makes it much faster and very easy to adjust the table height.

    (5) Rust resistant aluminium legs. 

    • Lightweight, strong and durable.

    (6) Well proven design

    • Triangulation support structure with aluminium struts: Strong, silent, stable with minimum table flex.
    • Twin cable design for extra security - safer than tables' with a single cable. 
    • Recessed cable and support structure provide incredible leg, knee and foot room at any point around the table.
    • No squeaks during treatments: Metal components are kept apart by Nylon fittings. 
    • Athlegen CXL models are exclusive proprietary registered designs.

    (7) Practitioner comfort

    • Rounded corners for increased practitioner comfort when working around the table ends.

    (9) Upholstery

    • Rubber bumpers: Protects upholstery when table is folded and resting on the ground.
    • High quality protective coated vinyl with oil resistant properties.

    (10) Ready to add an optional adjustable angle head cradle

    • Head cradle size 19 mm diameter rods set 200 mm apart.
    • Prone armrest can also be added to the head cradle mechanism.

    Upholstery options

    This product is only available in Galaxy (blue/grey)

    • Upholstery covering 
    • Cushioning
      50 mm, 2 layers of high density foam. 
    • Face cradle mechanism size 
    • 19 mm diameter rods set 200 mm apart
    • Safe working load
      Table: 204 kg
      Face cradle accessory: 20 kg
    • Static load test
      1250 kg
    • Width
      720 mm at widest point
    • Height adjustment range 
      620 mm to 820 mm
    • Height adjustment increments
      8 that are 25 mm apart.
    • Table weight
      12.4 kg
    • Table length 
      1680 mm. main body
      1980 mm with head cradle attached
    • Shipping dimensions
      960 mm x 740 mm x 240 mm
    • Shipping weight
      17 kg
    • Origin
      Made in the PRC
    • Warranty
      Australia 5 years structural, 5 years plywood and hardware, 1 year accessories, and vinyl to arrive in perfect condition. 
      Other countries upon request.

    Package includes 

    Genesis head cradle and face pad. 

    • Professional quality head cradle.
    • 19 mm diameter aluminium sliding rods; aluminium support and height adjustment structure; nylon adjustment angle mechanism; and a molded face pad support. 
    • Adjustable in angle and height.

    Genesis armrest sling support

    • Suspends from head cradle mechanism via hook and loop fastener straps.

    Genesis transit bag

    • Quality transit bag.
    • Heavy duty zipper.
    • Side storage pocket.

    What are the differences between Athlegen portable models?


    Origin Width Adjustment increments  Height range Face plug Face cradle Prone armrest

    Made in Australia

     680 or 720 mm  6 x 30 mm  660 to 810 mm



    Optional: pad

    Genesis Compact


     720 mm  8 x 25 mm  620 to 820 mm



    Yes: sling


    Our standard cushioning will provide lasting comfort and support after years of use.

    • Suitable for a wide variety of treatment styles including massage, examinations and beauty treatments. 
    • Cushioning consists of a firm base and soft over wrap layer. 
    • Soft to medium finish.
    • Overall thickness 50 mm.

    Table width

    • 720 mm width at the widest point is a good choice for sports or remedial massage or practitioner with a mobile practice.




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