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  • Centurion Natura 620

    Centurion Natura 620
    Centurion Natura 620
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    The Centurion Natura is part of the new generation of quality and affordable portable massage tables by Athlegen.

    The Natura portable is one of the strongest and lightest tables available. A great table for home use or a student just starting out. Beautifully crafted out of birch the Natura comes standard with a face hole recess plug and the capacity to accept the addition of a more luxurious, optional face cradle.

    Upholstered with Galaxy Plus a 5-year hydrolysis resistant PU fabric.

    The table height is fully adjustable with an incredible 8 height increments. The Natura is a full-size portable at 1840 mm long and 620 mm wide with a high-quality plywood base, and still only weighs 13 kg!

    Why a Centurion Natura?

    • We know treatment tables! Over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing power driven treatment tables in Australia.
    • Designed by Athlegen in Australia.
    • Quality treatment tables at an affordable price.
    • All models meet our strict QC requirements.
    • All metal components are separated by plastic components for quiet operation and durability.
    • We carry spare parts and employ our own service technicians. 
    • Because we buy in bulk and offer a limited range of models, sizes, colours and options, we are able to keep the price to an absolute minimum. We guarantee you won't buy a better table for the money.30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

    Take a closer look at why the Natura is a great budget portable table.

    (1) Superior frame fabrication

    • CNC precision crafted plywood frame with quality finger jointed construction. 
    • High level of testing and QC with superior fabricating processes ensure a quality product.

    (2) Portability

    • Easy to set up and fold away without any of the fuss or noise of locking buttons.

    (3) Height range

    • Great height range with small increment adjustments to ensure you will be able to set to a table height that will be perfect for you.

    (4) New interlocking timber leg sections

    • Makes it much faster and very easy to adjust the table height.

    (5) Birch timber legs. 

    • Lightweight, strong and durable.

    (6) Practitioner comfort

    • Soft vinyl handles do not get in the way during treatments.

    (7) Upholstery

    • Galaxy Plus a 5-year hydrolysis resistant PU fabric. Hydrolysis is the process by which the PU surface breaks down resulting in a flaking, brittle surface. Hydrolysis occurs with age and can be expedited with exposure to warm weather and humidity - or exposure to body heat and sweat. A low-cost polyurethane fabric can show signs of wear in only a couple of years. Our Galaxy Plus PU uses high-grade polycarbonate resins to extend its life in use and storage.

    (8) Ready to add a head cradle (optional).

    • The prone armrest can also be added to the head cradle (optional)

    (9) Smooth, quiet operation - a proven performer

    • Metal components are kept apart by plastic washers to prevent any noises during treatment, and to deliver a low maintenance product.
    • Stainless steel hardware is used throughout
    • Birch timber struts provide super strong table support.
    • Twin cable system for extra security.
    • Well proven design for over 8 years and more than 200,000 treatment tables.

    (10) Cushioning

    • Our standard cushioning will provide lasting comfort and support after years of use.

    • Suitable for a wide variety of treatment styles including massage, examinations and beauty treatments. 
    • Cushioning consists of a firm base and soft overwrap layer. 
    • Soft to medium finish.
    • Overall thickness 50 mm.

    (11) Table width

    • 620 mm width at the widest point is a good choice for sports or remedial massage or practitioner with a mobile practice.

    (12) Face recess

    The table comes standard with a face-recess and a face-plug.

    Upholstery options

    This product is only available in Galaxy plus blue-grey

    • Upholstery covering 
      Blue/Grey; Galaxy Plus a 5-year hydrolysis resistant PU fabric.
    • Cushioning
      Standard 50 mm, 2 layers of medium density foam. CFC free, polyurethane foam
    • Face cradle mechanism size 
      19 mm diameter rods set 200 mm apart
    • Safe working load
      Table: 204 kg
      Face cradle accessory: 20 kg
    • Static load test
      1250 kg
    • Height adjustment range 
      590 mm to 810 mm
    • Height adjustment increments
      8 that are 34 mm apart.
    • Table weight
      13.4 kg
    • Table length 
      1840 mm.
    • Shipping dimensions
      960 mm x 700 mm x 230 mm
    • Shipping weight
      17 kg
    • Origin
      Made in the PRC
    • Warranty
      Australia 2-years structural, 2-years hardware, 1-year accessories, and fabric to arrive in perfect condition. 
      Other countries upon request.

    Face cradle extension

    A face cradle extension can be added to the Natura model.

    You can choose from the following configurations

    Face cradle extension                              Face cradle pad                        Sides into the end of the table 
    with prone armrest

    Transit bag

    • Protect your investment.
    • The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easier to carry your table.
    • Quality transit bag.
    • Heavy duty zipper.
    • Side storage pocket.

    What are the differences between the Elite models?

    Back rest Width Adjustment increments Height range Face plug Face cradle Prone armrest
     635 mm  8 x 34 mm  620 to 825 mm
     720 mm  8 x 34 mm  620 to 825 mm
     720 mm  8 x 34 mm 620 to 825 mm
    Natura  No 620 mm   8 x 34 mm 590 to 810 mm  Yes Optional Optional



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