Score has been manufacturing high-quality dental chairs and saddle stools in Holland for over 40 years. Score's ergonomically shaped dental saddle stools ensure healthy back posture, which helps to reduce sitting fatigue.
Choose between a Balance or Tilt mechanism. The Score Balance™ models encourage healthy "active seating" by a unique all-directional rocking mechanism that is adjustable to your preferred level of movement. The Score Tilt models allow you to angle the seat forwards and backwards.
You can also choose between a Jumper or Amazone seat design. The Jumper models have a larger and broader seat top that offers more comfort for heavier or larger persons. The Amazone models have a smaller and narrower seat top. The Amazone models allow you to sit with your knees closer together than most other saddle chairs. A more comfortable and relaxed sitting position for both male and preferred by many female dentists, dental hygienists and nurses.

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