Athlegen is a leading Australian supplier of Laser Treatment Beds. Athlegen has a range of suitable products to fit any budget or need. Our Venus and Beauty S models have been specifically designed for Laser Clinics and feature an adjustable backrest, raising knee section and choice of custom options to suit the way you work.

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    • Centurion Value-Lift: ABR

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      Save up to $300 on the Value-Lift range. These are the best priced quality electric tables in Australia and are used daily by thousands of practitioners. Fully supported by the Athlegen national servicing team and industry-leading warranty. Bonus Free Supine Cushion. *While stocks last!

      The Centurion Value-Lift ABR is designed to fulfil the basic requirements of patient assessment and examination and is well suited to general practice, physiotherapy and first aid injury.

      The power driven height adjustment allows easy access for elderly and incapacitated patients while also achieving an ergonomic working platform for the practitioner. An integrated gas assisted backrest may be adjusted through a wide range of angles very easily.

      The table sits securely on four solid supports that can be adjusted for an uneven floor. A foot-operated retractable wheel system allows easy manoeuvrability when required.

      This product is currently out of stock. ETA of stock is 22/07/2021.

      Key Features

      • Electric power motor - quiet, vibration free performance.
      • Table base includes four adjustable floor levelling feet.
      • The table base features a foot operated retractable wheel system handy if the table needs to be frequently repositioned, and easy manoeuvrability is required.
      • Detachable power cord. Easy and inexpensive to replace if damaged because the power cord is not hard-wired into the table frame. 
      • Stainless steel foot controller.
      • A lift-up backrest features a gas strut that makes adjusting easy and accurate. 
      • Pivot lift mechanism with all pivots bushed to ensure smooth and quiet operation.
      • High-quality protective coated fabric with oil resistant properties.
      • No assembly required.

      Customise your order

      Primary Features

      Additional Features

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      Product Information

      The Value-Lift Range

      The Value-Lift Range Is Available In Three Models

      • (1) Massage 
        • A two section top configuration.
        • Top dimensions 1860mm x 680mm.
        • Features a sturdy adjustable Head-Cradle.
        • Gas-assisted head-cradle angle adjustment.
        • Features a prone armrest.
        • An ideal table for remedial and relaxation massage.
      • (2) ABS
        • A two section top configuration.
        • Top dimensions 1890mm x 720mm.
        • Features a gas assisted Lift-Up Backrest.
        • Features a face hole in the Lift-Up back section.
        • Includes a head-pillow for when the face hole is not in use.
        • An Ideal table for spa and beauty; laser; examinations and first aid rooms.
      • (3) Treatment 
        • A three section top configuration.
        • Top dimensions 1950mm x 680mm.
        • Features a gas assisted Lift-Up Backrest.
        • Features a gas assisted Head-Section.
        • Features a face hole in the Head-Section.
        • Includes a head-pillow for when the face hole is not in use.
        • An ideal table for physiotherapy; spa and beauty; laser; injectables; remedial and relaxation massage.

      The ABR Range of Models 

      Our Most Popular Massage Ranges.

      • (1) The Value-Lift Range.
        • Designed in Australia by Athlegen; imported from the PRC
        • 5-year Structural Warranty
        • 2-year DC motor and control box warranty; made in the PRC
        • No options means we can buy in bulk and keep our prices very competitive
        • An ideal table for spa and beauty and remedial and relaxation massage.
      • (2) The Pro-Lift Range
        • Made in Australia by athlegen
        • 15-year Structural Warranty
        • 3-year AC motor with built-in control box warranty; made in Germany
        • Stainless steel footswitch; made in Germany
        • Choose from three model ranges: Access Standard, ABR (Adjustable Back Rest), and RMS (Raising Mid-Section)
        • Choose from a huge list of standard options to suit the way you work
        • An ideal table for sports clubs, gyms, educational institutions, day spas and international hotels or the busiest professional sports and remedial massage practitioners.

      FAQ 1: Why A Value-Lift Table Is Exceptional Value?

      AC and DC Actuators

      A.C. Actuator used in Athlegen Pro-Lift tables

      When you are comparing electric power driven treatment tables an important factor is the drive system, i.e. the actuator that lifts the table, or as commonly referred to as the table motor. There are two basic types of motors:

      (1) Powered direct current (D.C.), such D.C. power supplies or an AC-to-DC power converter; and
      (2) Powered by alternating current (A.C.), typically the power grid 240 Volts.

      The major benefit of an A.C. motor over a D.C. motors is its lifting speed and how it performs under load i.e. with a patient on the table. An A.C. motor’s speed (Pro-Lift models) is constant regardless of the weight on the table; whereas the more weight that is on a table driven by a DC motor the slower it lifts.

      • (1) The Value-Lift DC Actuator.
        Uses a smaller D.C. 6,000n actuator.
        • Made in the PRC.
        • Motor’s speed reduces when weight is on the table.
        • Lifts 12mm per second, i.e. or a height adjustment of 48.1cm in 40 seconds, with a 150kg load.
        • 2-year motor and control box warranty.
        • Controlled by an electric footswitch; made in the PRC.
        • An ideal table for spa and beauty and remedial and relaxation massage.
      • (2) The Pro-Lift AC Actuator
        • Uses a larger more powerful A.C. 10,000n actuator - almost twice as powerful.
        • Made in Germany.
        • Motor’s speed is constant regardless of the weight on the table.
        • Lifts 37mm per second, i.e. a height adjustment of 48.1cm in just 13 seconds, with a 150kg load.
        • 3-year motor (with built-in control box) warranty.
        • Controlled by a pneumatic stainless steel footswitch; made in Germany.
        • Waste less time waiting for table movements with less interruptions to the treatment flow.
        • An ideal table for sports clubs, gyms, educational institutions, day spas and international hotels or the busiest professional sports and remedial massage practitioners.

      Centurion Value-Lift - Better Tables For Less

      • (1) Pivot lift design
        •Pivot lift design that is well proven over 20 years and more than 30,000 treatment tables.
        •Low maintenance.

      • (2) Plastic bushes 
        •Ensure a smooth and silent operation.
        •Less ware and tear on moving table sections.

      • (3) Electric height adjustment by a commercial grade actuator.
        Quiet, reliable and vibration free.
        •6,000n D.C. motor.

      • (4) Superior frame fabrication.
        •Designed by Athlegen.
        •Laser cut components are robot welded for absolute precision and quality.
        •Durable powder coated rust-resistant frame.

      • (5) Stainless Steel Footswitch.
        •A quality footswitch made with a stainless steel chassis.

      • (6) Table base.
        •Base allows plenty of clearance from the side, handy if working seated around the table.

      • (7) Gas Assisted Adjustable Table Sections.
        •All adjustable table sections feature gas struts making adjusting easy and accurate.
        •Gas strut operation also provides extra security, support and rigidity.

      • (8) Detachable power cord.
        •Easy and inexpensive to replace if damaged because the power cord is not hard-wired into the table frame.

      • (9) Retractable Wheel System
        •The table base features a foot operated retractable wheel system handy if the table needs to be frequently repositioned, and easy manoeuvrability is required.

      • (10) Floor Leveling Feet.
        •Base includes four adjustable rubber floor levelling feet perfect for robust treatments such as remedial massage.

      FAQ 4: Why Do So Many Professionals Choose Athlegen?

      Athlegen Est. 1987

      (1) Value-Lift tables are designed in Australia by Athlegen.
      • Athlegen has over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing superior treatment tables for massage, alternative health, beauty therapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, physiotherapy and medical professionals.
      • Designed by our engineers and market tested, Centurion Value-Lift power driven tables are proprietary registered designs. All prototypes are manufactured in our factory in Ballarat, using our in-house tooling and state of the art robotic welding equipment.

      (2) Made in the PRC
      • Value-Lift tables are made in the PRC under our strict QC guidelines.

      Company Information

      Five Reasons:

      As a discerning customer, you need to know you’re buying a quality product, both for yourself and your clientele. Find out here why Athlegen has the resources, skills and knowledge to design and produce the exact treatment table or chair you require.
      Your ideal table might be part of our standard imported Centurion Value-Lift range or purpose-built Prolift-Range, or it might be one we’ve created after consulting with you. In any case, you will not be disappointed with the end result, it’s quality, how it looks, feels and operates. Here’s why:

      REASON 1: We know treatment tables!
        • Centurion Value-Lift Tables are designed by Athlegen in Australia.
        • Athlegen have over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing power driven treatment tables in Australia.
        • We provide superior service and products, which will enhance your business and the treatments you offer your clients.

      REASON 2: Quality treatment tables at an affordable price.
        • Because we buy in bulk and offer a limited range of models, sizes, colours and options, we are able to keep the price to an absolute minimum. We guarantee you won't buy a better table for the money.

      REASON 3: All models meet our strict QC requirements.
        • We regularly visit our overseas manufacturer to ensure our strict manufacturing QC standards are maintained.
        • Laser cut precision components mean no squeaking, catching or misalignment of moving parts.
        • All pivot points are bushed for quiet operation and durability.
        • Robotic welding makes for a treatment table capable of standing up to the heftiest of customers, time and time again.

      REASON 4: All models employ high quality, powerful linear actuators.
        • Barely audible motors allow for undisturbed height adjustments and easy access for less mobile clientele.

      REASON 5: You’re dealing with a seasoned and experienced company who stands by it's products;
        • Not here today, gone tomorrow, equally capable of providing one customised table for a specialised client or a bulk order for a school or multiple practice rooms.
        • We will consult with you and add our considerable experience to your decision-making process, allowing you to make an unpressured, informed and educated choice you won’t regret.
        • This is the exact opposite of being forced to choose an off the shelf imported product where you have no contact with the manufacturer. 
        • We are regularly asked to repair imported treatment tables but unfortunately, in many cases we are unable to do so because replacement parts are simply not available in Australia. We employ our own service technicians and carry spare parts for all the models that we sell so you can be confident that your Centurion table will be able to be serviced for many years to come.

      Customer Service Information

      Summary Of Delivery Information

      (1) Standard Delivery Service
      • The table is delivered to the kerbside of your building.
      • We recommend that you arrange a minimum of two persons to assist as the packed table will weigh over 100kg.
      • Packaging materials are not removed as part of this delivery service.

      (2) Premium Delivery Service
      • We will deliver your table, unbox, position the table in your treatment room and remove all the packaging materials. 
      • A suitable and convenient delivery time for both parties will be arranged prior to delivery. 
      • This service is only available at selected Australian locations. For more details, or for a quotation, please contact Athlegen or your local distributor. 

      (3) Dispatch
      • Our dispatch department will contact you on the day of dispatch with all the information that you will need to track your order: the freight company contact details and the consignment note number.
      • Athlegen will request that the transport company ring you before delivery. 
      • Pro-lift electric tables: Made to order item please allow 2 to 3 weeks manufacturing lead-time (correct as of May 2017). Please contact us if you require this product urgently as we do stock some models that may suit your requirements.

      (4) Pickups
      • Yes, you may elect to choose your own freight company to collect from our factory in Ballarat Victoria, or any of our showrooms, subject to location of available stock. 
      • Please note if you wish for the stock to be transferred between any of our showrooms or factory/workshop locations so that you can arrange your own pickup or courier, freight charges between our premises may apply.

      (5) Assembly
      • Our tables require no assembly - they are shipped ready to use; simply plug in the footswitch and the power cord and you are ready to go.

      (6) Insurance
      • All products are insured for loss or damage during transit.

      For more information including international orders please see our full Trading Terms and Conditions.

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