Athlegen provides a full range of purpose built electric beauty beds, massage & Spa treatment tables for salons or clinics. Spa and Beauty tables to suit every budget. Including, at last, a table versatile enough for the extensive array of treatments you offer, equally suited to massage and beauty treatments all performed on one beautifully designed massage table, which is a showpiece in itself. The perfect combination of style and functionality, providing comfort for your clients and ease of use for your staff. Take a closer look at the Pro-Lift Venus massage table.

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    • Pro-Lift: Treatment 930

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      The Athlegen Treatment 930 Pro-Lift is a versatile table suitable for a wide range of modalities, including massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, beauty treatments, examinations, podiatry or any multi-modality practice.

      The three-section configuration features a longer backrest and a shorter seat section than the Treatment 680 model making it better suited for positioning clients in a reclining or seated position - ideal for pedicures and podiatry treatments.

      The standard configuration includes a face-hole in the head section which can be finely adjusted to enable the prone patient to fully relax their neck muscles, giving optimum comfort during treatments such as massage.

      The sturdy design helps to optimize your performance whilst achieving maximum comfort and support for your clients. With triple layered cushioning for superior comfort, quiet and speedy power-driven height adjustment, and a manually adjustable backrest you have discovered just a few reasons why this is the perfect table for your practice.

      This product is manufactured to order. Once you add this product to your shopping cart, you will be able to view the current manufacturing lead-time.

      Customer feedback
      " The table is perfect and I am really happy with the quality, material and colour. Your company made the whole process incredibly simple and efficient and delivered on time"
      Carolyn Austin, 2016, Treatment Pro-Lift 

      NOTE: For comparison information about our seated Treatment models see the FAQ Tab below.
      For detailed information about our table options see the Product Info Tab below. 

      Key Features

      • Adjustable Lift-Up Back for seated treatments
      • Adjustable Head-Section for more comfortable prone treatments
      • Choice of PVC, PU and genuine leather fabrics.
      • Choice of five Dunlop cushioning systems.
      • Proudly made in Ballarat, Victoria for more than 25 years.
      • No assembly required.

      Customise your order

      Primary Features

      Additional Features

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      Product Information

      The Pro-Lift Seated Treatment Range

      A Treatment model to suit every medical or first-aid treatment room or any multi-modality practice

      • (1) Treatment ABR 
        • Two section treatment table with generous legroom when seated.
        • 680mm lift-up back; total table top length 1860mm.
        • Choice of face-hole in the backrest or main body.
        • An ideal table for examinations, beauty treatments such as waxing.
      • (2) Treatment 680
        • A versatile three section table with generous legroom when seated.
        • 680mm backrest; total table top length 1860mm.
        • A longer seat section than the 930 model making it better suited for treatments that require extra leg room such as examinations, waxing, or physiotherapy.
        • Optional Face-Hole in the Head-Section for more comfortable prone treatments such as massage.
        • An ideal table for physiotherapy, beauty treatments, massage, examinations or any multi modality practice.
      • (3) Treatment 930 
        • A versatile three section table.
        • 930mm backrest; total table top length 1860mm.
        • A shorter seat section than 680 model suits modalities where patients are treated in a chair position such as podiatry.
        • Optional Face-Hole in the Head-Section for more comfortable prone treatments such as massage.
        • An ideal table for massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, beauty treatments, examinations, podiatry or any multi-modality practice.

      Prolift power driven tables, proven performers

      • (1) Heavy duty table sections.
        •Secure and built to last even in the busiest practices.

      • (2) An auto-lock mechanism on all manually adjustable table sections:
        •Excellent support and rigidity.
        •Control lever automatically locks the table section in place upon release.

      • (3) Control Lever
        •Stainless steel control lever with a comfortable and easy to use grip.

      • (4) Electric height adjustment by a commercial grade actuator.
        •Made in Germany.
        •Powerful 10,000 n AC motor with no loss of power or speed under load.
        •Fast height adjustment resulting in less time wasted during treatments.
        •Quiet, reliable and vibration free.
        •Stainless steel, pneumatic, low profile footswitch. Made in Germany.

      • (5) Table base.
        •Base allows plenty of clearance from the side, handy if working seated around the table.

      • (6) The standard adjustment base;
        •Includes concealed in-line wheels for manoeuvrability and floor levelling feet perfect for robust treatments such as chiropractic, osteopathic and remedial or sports massage.

      • (7) The optional castor base.
        •Choose this option when a table needs to be frequently repositioned, and easy manoeuvrability is required.
        •High-quality locking castors, with steel bearings and rubber tread to protect your floors from damage.

      • (8) Detachable power cord.
        •Easy and inexpensive to replace if damaged because the power cord is not hard-wired into the table frame.

      • (9) Pivot lift design - a proven performer
        •Pivot lift design that is well proven over 20 years and more than 30,000 treatment tables.
        •Plastic bushes ensure a smooth and silent operation.
        •Low maintenance.

      • (10) Superior frame fabrication.
        •Fabricated in our Ballarat factory.
        •Pro-lift tables are built to quality, not a price.
        •Thicker steel profiles for a stronger and rigid structure.
        •Laser cut components are robot welded for absolute precision and quality.
        •Durable powder coated rust-resistant frame.

      FAQ 1: Why Do So Many Professionals Choose Athlegen?

      Athlegen Est. 1987

      (1) Australian Designer and Manufacturer.

      • Athlegen is an Australian specialist designer and manufacturer of superior treatment tables for massage, alternative health, beauty therapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, physiotherapy and medical professionals.
      • Designed by our engineers and market tested, Athlegen Prolift power driven tables are proprietary registered designs, manufactured in our factory in Ballarat, using our in-house tooling and state of the art robotic welding equipment.

      (2) 15-year Structural Warranty
      • Cheap tables don’t last, they get noisy, flex, and can be difficult to work with – our Prolift range tables all have frames guaranteed for 15 years and in practice will last a lifetime. Secure and built to last even in the busiest practices.Athlegen tables will not need to be replaced in a few years time.

      (3) In house-Research and Development
      • Athlegen has its own Research and Development Department committed to ongoing product development, and it uses extensive consultation with practitioners, therapists and professional associations to refine products and determine industry needs.
      • A continuous improvement manufacturing program ensures that Athlegen products are built to perform flawlessly; the differences are obvious when you compare Athlegen tables side by side with competing products.

      (4) Customize to suit your specific requirements
      • We offer an unrivalled choice - from a comprehensive selection of standard products or let us customize a table to suit your requirements.

      Athlegen Prolift Actuators

      When you are comparing electric power driven treatment tables an important factor is the drive system, i.e. the actuator that lifts the table, or as commonly referred to as the table motor.

      There are different types, speed and lifting capacities, qualities and of course countries of origin. 

      Athlegen Prolift Motor Benefits

      (1) We use a larger more powerful actuator 10,000n, compared with 6000n actuators used on most competing products. Almost twice as powerful.

      (2) Our actuators are AC not DC.
      While both A.C. and D.C. motors serve the same function of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, they are powered, constructed and controlled differently. The most basic difference is the power source. A.C. motors are powered by alternating current (A.C.) typically the power grid 240 Volts, while D.C. motors are powered from direct current (D.C.), such D.C. power supplies or an AC-to-DC power converter.
      The major benefit of an AC motor over DC motors is its lifting speed.

      (3) An A.C. motor’s speed is constant regardless of the weight on the table.
      An Athlegen Pro-Lift motor's height adjustment speed is the same with or without a patient on the table; whereas the more weight that is on a table driven by a DC motor the slower it lifts.

      (4) Speed Comparison with a patient weighing 150KG
      Athlegen Prolift (Hanning AC motor): 37mm per second, or a height adjustment of 48.1cm in just 13 seconds 
      Competitor (Linak DC motor): 12mm per second, or a height adjustment of 48.1cm in 40 seconds

      Waste less time waiting for table movements, most DC motors on competing products are painfully slow and this can interrupt the treatment flow.

      An Athlegen Pro-lift table provides you with fast, super responsive table height adjustments; allowing you to be more efficient - To do more in less time.

      Company Information

      Six reasons Why Athlegen Is The Market Leader.

      As a discerning customer, you need to know you’re buying the best, both for yourself and your clientele. Find out here why Athlegen has the resources, skills and knowledge to design and produce the exact treatment table or chair you require.
      Your ideal table might be part of our standard range of carefully engineered, purpose-built products, or it might be one we’ve created after consulting with you. In any case, you will not be disappointed with the end result, it’s quality, how it looks, feels and operates. Here’s why:

      REASON 1: You are choosing the best, a product you can depend on.
        • Each table is 100% Australian, manufactured using Australian steel, produced in our Ballarat plant, and designed by experts with 30 years experience in creating treatment and consultation tables for an enormous range of clients.
        • Whether custom built or one of our range of standard models each is a stylish, comfortable and functional piece of equipment you will happily rely on for years.
        • We provide superior service and products, which will enhance your business and the treatments you offer your clients.

      REASON 2: Used and requested by the best.
        • Athlegen have supplied the Australia’s Olympic team with treatment tables for more than 25 years, most recently providing all treatment tables for Australian Team at the Winter Olympics at Soichi in Russia.
        • Athlegen is chosen again and again by professionals and elite sporting bodies for our consistently superior products, custom capabilities and exceptional customer service.
        • Our tables are endorsed by numerous professional associations. We are proud to support our Olympic Team and eager to share with you the same quality of service for your business, school or practice.  

      REASON 3: Our tables add up to more than the sum of their parts. 
      • • Barely audible motors allow for undisturbed height adjustments and easy access for less mobile clientele
        • Laser cut precision components mean no squeaking, catching or misalignment of moving parts.
        • Robotic welding makes for a treatment table capable of standing up to the heftiest of customers, time and time again.
        • Each element has been chosen, refined, tested, re-tested and proven over 30 years of commercial use, to provide you with the ultimate product for your practice.

      REASON 4: Each Athlegen table represents extraordinary value for money.
      • • Every table is a design showpiece, exhibiting beauty, functionality and carefully calibrated ergonomics.
        • Made to last, constructed from only the finest materials, some created to be versatile, whilst others to precisely suit their specific purpose.
        • Our Pro-Lift tables are hardy and long lasting – and supported by a fifteen-year structural warranty.
        • The tables are designed to look great and provide customer comfort and flawless operation regardless of age or frequency of use.
        • We also offer to lease as an alternative to outright purchase.

      REASON 5: As a practitioner, you will enjoy using your Athlegen treatment table or chair every day. 
      • • The quality and luxury of the finishes and cushioning mean your table looks great and makes a statement while still being 100% up to the job.
        • Work around it with ease, knowing it’s strong enough for the most active of manipulations or adjustments, keeping your health and that of your team a priority along with the comfort of your clients.

      REASON 6: You’re dealing with a seasoned and experienced company. 
      • • Not here today, gone tomorrow, equally capable of providing one customised table for a specialised client or a bulk order for a school or multiple practice rooms.
        • We will consult with you on design specifics, make suggestions on enhancements, and add our considerable experience to your decision making process, allowing you to make an unpressured, informed and educated choice you won’t regret.
        • This is the exact opposite of being forced to choose an off the shelf imported product where you have no contact with the manufacturer. Secure and built to last even in the busiest practices.

      Customer Service Information

      Summary Of Delivery Information

      (1) Standard Delivery Service
      • The table is delivered to the kerbside of your building.
      • We recommend that you arrange a minimum of two persons to assist as the packed table will weigh over 100kg.
      • Packaging materials are not removed as part of this delivery service.

      (2) Premium Delivery Service
      • We will deliver your table, unbox, position the table in your treatment room and remove all the packaging materials. 
      • A suitable and convenient delivery time for both parties will be arranged prior to delivery. 
      • This service is only available at selected Australian locations. For more details, or for a quotation, please contact Athlegen or your local distributor. 

      (3) Dispatch
      • Our dispatch department will contact you on the day of dispatch with all the information that you will need to track your order: the freight company contact details and the consignment note number.
      • Athlegen will request that the transport company ring you before delivery. 
      • Pro-lift electric tables: Made to order item please allow 2 to 3 weeks manufacturing lead-time (correct as of May 2017). Please contact us if you require this product urgently as we do stock some models that may suit your requirements.

      (4) Pickups
      • Yes, you may elect to choose your own freight company to collect from our factory in Ballarat Victoria, or any of our showrooms, subject to location of available stock. 
      • Please note if you wish for the stock to be transferred between any of our showrooms or factory/workshop locations so that you can arrange your own pickup or courier, freight charges between our premises may apply.

      (5) Assembly
      • Our tables require no assembly - they are shipped ready to use; simply plug in the footswitch and the power cord and you are ready to go.

      (6) Insurance
      • All products are insured for loss or damage during transit.

      For more information including international orders please see our full Trading Terms and ConditionsHeavy duty table sections.

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