Athlegen's range of treatment table accessories includes Australian made and imported massage table accessories, spare parts, water-dispersable massage oils and vinyl cleaning liquids.

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    • Centurion 635 Portable Accessory Pack

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      The Centurion 635 Portable Accessory Pack.
      Also suitable for portable tables between 560 and 640mm wide with a 19/200 head cradle fitting.

      The pack includes the following Centurion accessories;

      • Head Cradle Pad
      • Transit Bag 635mm (Suitable for portable table widths between 560 and 640 mm)
      • Head Cradle Mechanism with 19mm rods set 200mm apart
      • Your Choice of the Prone Armrest Support or an Armrest Sling 
      Colour: Blue Grey
      Upholstered in Galaxy Plus a 5-year hydrolysis resistant PU fabric.
      Attaches to the head-cradle mechanism with quick press fasteners.

      Centurion Portable Transit Bag 635mm

      Transit bag to suit Elite 635; will also suit other portable tables 560mm to 640mm in width.

      Portable transit bags are made from a tough resilient material and offer excellent table protection when your table is regularly being transported. This bag also features a unique shoulder and arm strap design that shares the carrying weight of the table across your body. This feature alone makes the transit bag a worthwhile piece of kit.


      • Woven nylon
      • Reinforced & padded base
      • Accessory pocket
      • Shoulder strap
      • 12-month warranty
      Head Cradle Mechanism

      The Head Cradle adjusts in height and angle and securely locks in place. Suits any size client.

      Ensure your clients are comfortable during their therapeutic treatment. Offer your patients the choice of using the table face hole recess or a head cradle. Using a Head Cradle will enable clients to relax on a soft and comfortable pad while lying prone (on their stomach).

      Can also be used to extend table length for taller patients. 

      • Size: 19 mm diameter rods that are set 200 mm apart measured from hole centre to hole centre (19/200)
      • Suitable for all late model Athlegen, Azima and Centurion portable and electric treatment tables.
      • Moulded plastic top.
      • Height and angle adjustment all set by one lever.
      • New locking system designed to be maintenance free - no need for routine tightening.
      • Safe Working Load of 19 kg. WARNING: Do apply excessive pressure or use the armrest to push against when getting off a table.
      • 12 Month warranty.
      Prone Armrest or Armrest Sling

      A PU upholstered armrest accessory that attaches to a portable table head cradle mechanism. Increases patient comfort by supporting and relaxing their arms during treatments in the prone position.

      Blue-Grey Galaxy Plus upholstery with 5 years hydrolysis resistance.

      Prone Armrest Support: *Please note the Prone Armrest Support cannot be stowed away inside a folded CXL 720 portable. When used with a CXL portable please transport separately. 
      Length: 550 mm; Width: 220 mm; Height: 30 mm.

      Armrest Sling: PU Fabric Armrest Sling
      Length: 440 mm; Width: 180 mm; Height: 10 mm.

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