Nick Tsoupis

For the past 5 years I have been travelling and working as a Mobile Chiropractor in Africa. With me I had my trusty Aussie made Athlegen portable table.
I had a specialised roof rack made for my Hilux and water proof carry case and with me it went. Through dry dusty Namibia, through rain drenched Zambia and through the Safari parks of the Serengetti and Masai Mara. If it got abit dusty, I would just wipe it off. If it got a bit wet, I would dry it out and for all those five magnificient years it never let me down.
It enabled me to work in the most remote parts of Africa. From my campsite, to my beachside bungalow, from rural villages to orphanges. I loved that table and I’m proud to say that when I had to leave it behind, I quickly went back to Athlegen and bought a new one.
Thanks for all the support Athlegen, literally.
Chiropractor, 2015
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