Athlegen is an Australian specialist designer and manufacturer of superior power driven treatment tables. Our Pro-Lift commercial quality tables will provide you years of trouble free service in a busy clinic environment. Designed and made in our own Ballarat factory a Pro – Lift table is built to last a lifetime, with super- fast responsive motors, they are strong, they won’t get noisy and will always be a pleasure to work with. ...+

A quality imported table that is made to our design and specifications. Great for students who would like a very light portable table at a great price. ...+

The Athlegen gas lift stool is a combination of polished aluminium, chrome and a luxuriously cushioned double stitched upholstery. Simply adjust the height by operating the easy access adjustment ring. The perfect addition to any office or treatment room. Cushioning has been adjusted and refined over years and will provide excellent comfort and support during long periods of seated work. ...+

Quality imported tables that are made to our design and specifications. Great for students who would like a very light portable table at a great price.The Elite range is part of the new generation of quality and affordable massage equipment from Centurion, a business with over 30 years experience in manufacturing massage equipment in Australia, you will not buy a better table for the money! ...+

Experience the unparalleled comfort of a Score saddle chair. The ergonomically shaped saddle seat ensures healthy back posture which helps to reduce sitting fatigue. The Score Balance™ models encourage "active seating" by a unique multi-directional rocking mechanism that is adjustable to your preferred level of movement. The Balance™ mechanism is only available from Score the Dutch manufacturer of the world's most comfortable ergonomic saddle seats. ...+

Which treatment table best suits you?

Massage and Natural Therapists

The ultimate treatment tables for you and your clients. Work in comfort around a table specifically designed to reduce back strain and allow easy access to your patient as they relax on a table with a whisper quiet motor and luxury cushioning, enhancing their experience and enjoyment of your treatment. VIEW RANGE


Find the ideal table for your practice, choose from a range of products with optional features and functions or create a custom table suited to your unique specifications. Not only is each table a stylish centrepiece for your treatment space, you can also enjoy enhancements such as smooth magnetic drop functionality, a fast, quiet German motor and superior ‘Ultra Firm’ adjustment foam from Dunlop Australia, designed by Athlegen. VIEW RANGE

Spa and Beauty

At last, a table versatile enough for the extensive suite of treatments you offer, equally suited to massage and beauty treatments, performed on a beautifully designed table, which is a showpiece in itself. The perfect combination of style and functionality, providing comfort for your clients and ease of use for your staff, effortlessly supporting the high volumes of clientele visiting your salon. VIEW RANGE

Alternative Health

Make your choice from a range of versatile tables suitable for a huge variety of applications, add your own enhancements or simply enjoy the superior functionality of our standard models. We have created specific tables for Bowen Technique, Feldendrais and acupuncture, just to name a few, so don’t hesitate to explore our ability to innovate and customise according to your unique requirements. Choose or design at table that works for you. VIEW RANGE


Athlegen offers you the ultra practical yet completely comfortable Australian alternative. A specifically designed cushioning system, which is the most comfortable on the market and still perfectly suited for manipulations and adjustments. A quiet, fast motor allows for seamless adjustment of height, providing easy access to the table for even the least agile of clients. VIEW RANGE

Medical and Allied Health

Enjoy working with beautiful consulting chairs, examination tables and treatment tables purpose built for your needs, meticulously engineered and manufactured in Australia, to exceptional standards. We have the capacity to supply bulk orders for hospitals, consulting rooms or schools and our comprehensive Australia-wide, in house service enables you to choose the perfect product for your needs. Our experts can suggest alterations and enhancements, which can be manufactured to your specific requirements. VIEW RANGE

Athlegen Official Supplier

Once again Athlegen has been selected to supply the Australian Olympic team with treatment tables ...+


“I have found that the level of fatigue I normally experience during long working hours has decreased dramatically as a result of the excellent access around the massage table, together with the very useable height adjustment, and from being able to sit down comfortably for a significant proportion of the treatment time.”

~ Warren Kinder

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Treatment Table Safety with new Free Safety Poster Download

Guy Princi - Friday, October 07, 2016


Castors and why they wear out

Guy Princi - Wednesday, July 13, 2016
The rubber compound castors used by Athlegen are custom manufactured to our specifications. Athlegen castors feature steel bearings (not plastic), and we do not use inferior small diameter, plastic stool castors. We use 75mm wheel diameter castors - if all other specifications are equal larger diameter castors last longer.
Rubber compound (TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomers) is a mix of polymers, usually a plastic and a rubber. The new compound has the advantages of both the rubber and plastic materials used. For castors this is typically cushioning, from the rubber component, and hardness/durability, from the plastic component.
Rubber compound wheel treads are chosen over the longer lasting nylon wheel treads because they cause less impact on most floor surfaces due to their natural cushioning properties. They are also generally quieter in their operation. Nylon castors can mark and dent wooden floorboards and vinyl floor surfaces.
Over time, as the rubber component of TPE ages, it dries out and hardens. No product is available to condition or prevent this characteristic of rubber. Once rubber hardens it can become brittle and start to spilt, (known as stress cracking or crazing). If this happens the castors will need to be replaced.

Factors that cause your castors to wear out
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals used to disinfect and clean some floor surfaces.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight will prematurely dry and harden the rubber component.
  • Exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • If the table is positioned on gritty, uncleaned hard surfaces, such as tiles or vinyl flooring.
  • Leaving the table in the exact same position over long periods of time can cause “flat spotting”. Flat spotting is where the tread fails to spring-back to its original shape, the result is a permanent distortion of the wheels shape.
  • Trying to move the table with the castor lock in place.
  • Any one of the above will result in the premature hardening of the rubber tread which will then lead to the tread crumbling and falling apart.
How to care for your castors
  • We recommend that you only clean your castors with a damp cloth.
  • Stubborn stains can be removed with a soft natural bristle brush.
  • Do not lubricate with oil, if necessary use a heavy bodied good quality bearing grease.

Standard Operating Procedures for Treatment Tables

Guy Princi - Monday, February 15, 2016


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